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    Happy birthday Duggeh.

    Hauoli La Hanau! Aloha, Headphile808
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    Whch headphones have best vocal balance?

    As far as the Senns are concerned, IMHO they will require at least $200 more for a re-cable to get rid of the "veil" & balance out the SS. Then You'd be doubling Your budget which I know is not what You are looking to do. Whereas the AKGs are good-to-go straight out of the box & at two & a half...
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    Happy birthday Patrick82.

    Happy Birthday! Aloha Headphile808
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    REVIEW: Purity Audio K.I.C.A.S. Caliente home headphone amp - updated with comments on regular KICAS

    FWIR, I'd say these impressions are spot on. I can definitely see the Caliente being a bit too much in the lower registers w/certain HP combos. Prior to purchasing a Caliente the only FS HP I owned at the time were AD900s, which are quite "lean" in the bass department. My Bedside Rig consists of...
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    Whch headphones have best vocal balance? For Your setup, I would go for these. I also own K240M/AD900, both which have nice mids & are very good with vocals. But the K501s are really something special in this regard & would definitely describe them as having a very natural...
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    KICAS vs. PH100 vs. Head Direct EF1?

    Quote: Originally Posted by musicmaker I have not heard the PH100 but have owned the Kicas Caliente for sometime now. Terrific amp. Makes my HD600 and CD3000 sing ! x2, No experience w/the Shanling & I also own a Caliente. It really is just a touch warm of neutral, not "bass...
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    <$150 closed circumaural for a bass-hater?

    I guess I'm a little too late, as I just saw this: AKG 271 Pro Headphones FREE SHIPPING! - eBay (item 320422094089 end time Sep-15-09 15:02:57 PDT) $89 w/FREE Shipping is there for the taking if anyone else is interested in K271. Congrats on Your purchase & enjoy Your new HPs. Aloha...
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    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    DT531 "Groovalizers" w/Moon Audio Silver Dragon Aloha Headphile808
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    What Came In The Mail Today?

    Beyerdynamic DT531 "Groovalizers" w/Moon Audio Silver Dragon by musicmaker Aloha Headphile808
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    k240 photo guide: sextett to monitor

    x2, very nice job on the hybrid. Aloha Headphile808
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    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by wuwhere England Dan & John Ford Coley Yusef Lateef
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    Music Game VIII

    Quote: Originally Posted by wuwhere "Speed Of Sound" - Coldplay "A Journey Into Sound" -X-Ecutioners