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    FS: Yulong CP1 Power Cable and CU2 USB Cable

    Up for sale are Yulong Audio CP1 Power Cable and CU2 USB Cable Both are Flawless and like new in box. These make an audible difference in SQ, sound-stage and transparency when used with a capable sonic chain. Bought them together with Yulong DA8II CP1 - 180$ CU2 - 70$ Both for 220$ Ships...
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    HiFiMAN RE800 Earphones [Silver Edition, MK1]

    For sale are Hifiman RE800 (Mark1, Silver Edition) RE800 is Former Flagship of HiFiMAN, and is excellent sounding pair going by the merits, (Speed, Clean,detailed, transparent with a spacious soundstage) making it a great match with all full-bodied or warmer sounding sources/DAP's. Comes with...
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    (SOLD) HiFi-ET Monster Audio MA9 DAP (SOLD)

    (SOLD) Up for sale is the legendary modded Monster Audio MA9 DAP - component upgrades integrated both into DAC and AMP modules. 1. Capacitors of audiophile grade Nichicon/ELNA (way better transparency and soundstage) 2. TCXO with super low jitter and a minimum normalized phase noise. DAC...
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    FS: AKG K872 Headphones - As Is

    Up for sale/trade is a mint and almost unused pair of AKG K872 headphones. Comes with everything in box. This particular pair has the well known AKG faulty wiring design, making right side totally silent. These worked fine when I got them brand new, and the problem appeared while being stored...
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    The Opamp thread

    Thanks! are the pinouts of HA5002 and BUF634 same? could they be safely swapped in?