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    Confused: Spotify sounds better than CD rips

    I found my Mac burner for CD Rom and music data had different speeds.    You can optimise the recording quality by slowing down the writing speed, and then it will probably be better than Spotify.    If you are ripping tracks from Spotify via an outboard DAC, the sound quality will probably...
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    Is my old sony D-11 something special, or no true D-11?

    I don't think it's that rare.  My DEJ-01 Anniversary edition however is :D   If you have a copy of your battery code, it's possible to find it from Japanese importers.  You can buy rip-off explosion friend cheap ebay types, but the originals are not that dear.  Sony used an array of lithium...
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    Headache....every connection wobbles

    I have a Samsung S2, S3 smartphone and 10.1tab.  The 10.1tab is the slowest of the bunch.  S3 is the fastest.  I got the S3 free apparently, from loyalty for being scwd by my phone contract for years.   I hate buying technology like this which takes about a year for me to master, and then is...
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    The beauty of a vase

    Absolutely!  I found out the bag lady way with too many vases.    The aesthetics of the vase as a container, mirrors the function of the room, another container.  For form to flow one to another, it must be fluid.   That is not to say, the vase should leak - rather  - its organisation within...
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    Headache....every connection wobbles

    Hmm...I only had about 10 full albums on my Galaxy S3.   It freezes intermittently ...whatsapp screen gets locked or letters don't appear; screen takes about 10 seconds to switch over and I have to clear the programs.    The Samsung 10.1 tablet is doing that now - maybe inefficient?  But I...
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    Headache....every connection wobbles

    I don't know...when I was listening to my minidisc, everyone else I knew had been moving on to hard drives like iPods.   I never kept up with technology.    The problem, after 9 years, is the earphone connection with my minidisc player is now loose.  I guess this can happen with any source...
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    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    Errrmmmmm....   I must've bought mine over 1 1/2 years ago.    In the space of that time, I've listened to them ... about 3 times.  The Ultrasone 900s are very spacious sounding: I use my Sony HiMd minidisc and a TTVJ Milletts (my favourite combo for source and amp) to drive them.  I...
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    Do you want the old forum again?

    I feel so sorry for the moderators and guys who've worked to make this forum better.    It really isn't.  It's quite horrible - I can't face coming back to use this at all :(   Please think about bringing back the original Head-Fi design.  This board has lost its navigation/simplicity...
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    Recommend me some rock/alt-country

    Quote: Originally Posted by fjrabon I'm after bands that kind of straddle the line between straight-forward classic type rock and alt-country. Kind of a "Southern hole in the wall bar band" type sound. I guess the most popular bands of this type would be The Black Crowes, Cracker, Cast...
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    Best Portable MiniDisc

    Best of the older generation MD's goes to the Sharp MD MT888 (pictured above). It has one of the best digital amplifiers built-in I've ever heard. Just gorgeous lush sound. It's soooo good I've got a few of these now. None have failed. A USB net version also exists - this one joined my battery...
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    TTVJ Portable Hybrid - Help with some questions!

    Nuts.... have you asked TTVJ about the etymiotic use? I've no idea if this is an issue with mine since I never use anything as sensitive. Good ol' analogue How thrilling are the rich woody timbres of the instruments and soundstaging of the Milletts Hybrid?
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    TTVJ Portable Hybrid - Help with some questions!

    Quote: Originally Posted by LevA hey head_case, well I can hear the channel imbalance with both the esw10jpn and my ath-ckm70 iem. btw, the strings do sound fabulous with this amp! Hmmm...this is probably a specific issue with IEMs...maybe you need a new Headamp Pico...
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    TTVJ Portable Hybrid - Help with some questions!

    It is a real power beast eh?! Although I'm waiting for my Pico Slim, this one is my absolute fav. I haven't detected low level imbalance which you're describing - is this a feature of certain headphone combinations with single sided inputs perhaps? I thought I had this with my...
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    Bought another MD Player, your verdict

    Quote: Originally Posted by BIGHMW Good call dude. There are still so many naive people (especially these 10-17-year-old mall rats) out there that think that the (so-called) "latest and greatest" is the greatest available when that statement is far from the truth. These are the same...
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    Cowboy Junkies in concert

    Very nice! It's been a few years since I last heard them in concert. They were going through a blues phase with Margo's wirey hair moshing in slow mo and I was pining for the more succinct acoustic pop stuff. Electric distorted mandolins; violins; violas; and hybrid trumpet-violins are...