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    When choosing an amp, is the idea to find an amp whose output Ω matches the headphone's Ω?

    Resistance doesn't change if it is AC or DC. It is just pure resistance. Thus the term "DC Resistance" is a bit of a misnomer. Resistance just doesn't change with frequency, the definition of Resistance. When it changes with frequency, it is Impedance. Impedance is the combination of...
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    Information overload... Help needed with choosing DAP

    Get an iPod Classic for the capacity and the UI, and use Apple Lossless for the sound quality. If you check back frequently, you may find a 160 GB iPod Classic in the refurbished lists on the Apple Store web site.
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    IEM Storage

    Quote: Originally Posted by blawhh I have a silicon fishbone that I wrap my headphones after use. My Etymotic Research, Inc. ER-4s are on a silicon fishbone. They typically are either in my computer case, or hanging from my iPod in my shirt pocket. I use my iPod Classics most of...
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    120GB+ & nice SQ?

    I noticed that when Apple "updated" the iPod Classic, the old choice between the 80 GB and 160 GB was gone -- replaced with only a 120 GB drive. I quickly went to the Apple On-Line store, and bought a "refurbished" 160 GB iPod Classic. I should have bought two. I have a still very nice Gen...
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    My next upgrade? Moving up from RE2s.

    Quote: Originally Posted by e__ Oh, not an inline mic. I don't really care about that. I was more talking about if they'd fit in the stupid jack that Apple put on the original iPhone. The best way around the stupid first Generation iPhone earphone jack is the adapter. It fixes...
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    Recommendations on DJ Headphones

    Well, I'm both an audiophile for longer than a broadcaster, and a radio broadcaster for over 26 years. The "classic" DJ headphones are Koss Pro-4AA (pronounced pro four double a). They seal well, and play loud. They don't sound bad, are inexpensive, and are built like a tank. The downside is...
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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with single-ended.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi Not necessary unless the amp's input will only accept a balanced input, in which case you'd need to use an adaptor or make an adaptor cable. se No adapter needed. If the input is "active balanced," which all modern inputs are...
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    Headphone myths you believed before you joined headfi?

    I have an ass shaped like an airline seat. The Flight Attendants are pretty keyed into the LOUSY noise attenuation of Bose headsets. They don't have a clue what my Etys do. Even when it is explained, it can be tough. Not only do they block more noise, the audio is much more "pure" for...
  10. Head-Case 5 pro seal difficulties

    First, you have to clean your ears -- REALLY WELL! Use a cotton swab, and there is special wax removal fluid in the "drug" department of Wal*Mart, most grocery stores, or an actual drug store if you want to get them very clean. Having clean ear canals is NOT important for health, and may be a...
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    What's that sound?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kartik ...the level of the rumble clearly varies with the LP, some have clearly more than others. We have a tendency to change the volume when we change disks. Maybe you are hearing more rumble when you change the disk because you are changing the gain...
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    phono stage advice wanted!

    It turns out building a great phono stage is hard. There are two EQ curves, and keeping a high slew rate and low noise with those curves is a difficult design problem. I have considered building a FLAT low noise amplifier, then doing the EQ in DSP in the computer. A flat amp can have very...
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    According to a Northwestern University study, Head-fi is helping to save hearing!

    I spend 25 years in Rock and Roll Radio Engineering. I was CONSTANTLY AMAZED the the levels the "disk jockeys" listened to the music, and their musing. For the longest time, Koss Pro 4 AA then Pro 4 AAA phones were de rigor. Sony phones took over, the MDR-V6, and I think the reason was because...
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    Altec Lansing IM716 equals Ety ER4s

    Quote: Originally Posted by gremlin Doesn't anybody own a multi-meter? Although a DC ohm reading isn't the final word on impedance, it's certainly a step in the right direction. Get thee to Harbor Freight tools. They have a little yellow multi-meter for $10 that tests within 1/2 ohm of...