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    Liverpool 1:2 Barnsley

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    Toshiba HD-A1/HD-XA1 as high end CD player for $100-130

    Quote: Originally Posted by wae5 However, there’s one worm in the apple: The Tosh’s error correction doesn't seem to exist. All CD players have several layers of error correction, they need them, if the Toshiba did not have error correction it would be immediately apparent. From...
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    Finally, Got my GreenCard after 4+ years waiting

    Quote: Originally Posted by KYTGuy @HCIMAN - yeah, I'm an Idiot (I Am allowed to call myself a name, right?) - somehow my mind slipped a cog, and I had RYCeT a new Citizen already. I misread/misunderstood/had a senior moment - I am humbled by my obvious mistake. Please forgive me, all...