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    Need help finding a good A/D

    I want to record the audio of some concerts from Palladia channel, you know, those that are not released on DVD or CD... unique presentations. As everybody else, I'm looking for the best solution for the lowest price... The two things that came to my mind: ART Phono Plus V2: ~100 Buy ART...
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    Does RE0 sounds good with iPod nano?

    I've to buy a mp3 player for my wife and I was thinking about the nano because of the genius app that generate playlists for you.. I uses a Sansa myself but I don't want to turn playlist into a science project for her. So, the bottom line is, does the iPod drives the RE0 well? If not, do...
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    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Do you have to send them the cables together with the IEM or do is this some kind of "universal" connector and the cables are not required for him to do the job? My TF10 is brand new, so the cables are good. but I think I would want something more soft then the stock cables for the custom...
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    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Do you guys buy some custom replaceable cables to add to the customs? what cables do you guys use? the ones from UE11 or something? I'm planning on doing my TF10 next month
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    Tf10 with what amp? Pico? Mustang? Preddy? Other stuff?

    If he needs bass, you should give E3 or E5 a try, they are cheap and will give the extra gain on bass. but I hardly see TF10 needing more bass..
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    Tf10 with what amp? Pico? Mustang? Preddy? Other stuff?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Modifiedz You know you can easily get an ear infection by sharing IEM's with friends. (or even switching IEM's from your own right and left ears) you can also get HIV and 1000 other STD's by having sex... and that have never stopped anybody...
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    Best tips for the RE0

    how did you fit the shure olives on RE0? I bought a set of olives and by no means I couldn't make them fit.
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    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    I'm coming from an UM1, those things are so comfortable that the only time you notice that you are wearing them is when you see a silent train passing by.... I might go for a re shell too but I'm concerned about the side effect that it can be in the overall performance. I believe that TF10...
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    Klipsch S4 - Big problem

    I returned my S4 under the 30 days money back thing because of the sibilance. I now own an RE0 and I'm pretty happy with it, but I thought the sibilance was a problem with my earphone only, but the guys at the support gave me a refund instead of replacing it...
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    Can anyone recommend an iem like the re0 but with more bass response?

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Klipsch Image S4 S4 have an enhanced bass. you should try or look for it
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    Question about Triple.Fi 10 Build Quality

    Are the TF10 and SE530 that bad when it comes to cable? I mean, those are $400 ear phones, how can they be so crappy? For the owners, how do they workaround the problem? I've trying to hold myself from buying an SE530 but I'm loosing the battle . but I just don't want to spend 400 bucks in a...
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    How does TF10 compares to RE0?

    Quote: Originally Posted by HONEYBOY I haven't heard the RE0 but even if the TF10 was 200 bucks it would've still been a no brainer IMO haha. I was thinking more about the sound quality. I've heard nothing but awesome reviews of the RE0, even when they were priced 199 people...
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    How does TF10 compares to RE0?

    As you all now, TF10 is being sold for 99 bucks and RE0 for 79. Are the TF10 a no brainer deal over the RE0? are they that good?
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    Multi-IEM review v.1: 48 earphones compared

    Nice thread. Should be sticked given the amount of people that comes here asking what people think about headphone X or Y, or comparisons between Z and Y. Thanks for the info
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    headphone line out and portable amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo No one will give you a good answer. Here is a good answer: .... I just found it ironic