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    Do the ES3 cables go with the UE triple.fis ?

    Title says it all.. Do the plugs on the ES3 cables fit in the triple fis? Just looking for some replacement cables since I find the original cables quite annoying ( in the sense that it tangles all the time and that the hard metallic parts near the end of it breaking )... Thanks
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    Ear tips for Ortofon E-Q7?

    So I guess I'll try out the sony hybrids ( if I can acquire them ) and the double flanges then... 
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    Ear tips for Ortofon E-Q7?

    But how do they affect the sound quality? And I'm not so sure but I think my right ear canal's kinda messed up.. With normal silicone tips a proper seal can hardly be achieved... What about the shure olives do they fit ? And do they affect the sound quality like the complys do? 
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    Ear tips for Ortofon E-Q7?

    I've acquired a pair of ortofons recently and am enjoying it a lot  but the issue of fitting has came into prominence recently, I tried all the SML sized stock silicone tips that came with the earphones and I find that the large tips seem to fit my ear the best, but then still vacuum cannot be...
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