Head Gear Reviews by HardstyleLoco96

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    In this mini review/impressions I won't be posting any images as there is many of the T800 online and on the thread. I have owned the T800 for more than a month now and it honestly was a blind buy as I did not get a chance to test them before purchasing. I have used the T800 with stock SPC cable and stock copper cable with stock eartips. I had no issues with the T800 but I could understand what some issues with treble could be after listening to them for more than a week. I enjoyed how the T800 sounded like with stock SPC cable and stock eartips...
  2. ORIVETI NEW PRIMACY - Premium Triple Driver Hybrid HiFi IEM Headphones

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    Intro The Oriveti New Primacy, what a diamond this iem is. In my review I will not be posting much photos as other reviews show the beauty of these and all accessories and unboxing. So it has been months since I purchased the New Primacy, it has been a struggle for me as I study and currently don't work, so saving up money is a mission for me. But am I glad I saved up, and may I tell you, I haven't been wowed by a headphone or iem in a good while. This is my first review, so I will try my best and I am giving a full honest review. Build/Fit...