Head Gear Reviews by hardbop
  1. AudioFly AF180 In-Ear Monitors

    5.00 star(s)
    Audiofly has made the most comfortable IEMs that I've placed in my ears. They are probably the easiest to insert as well. I was ready to plunk down the cash and go the custom route, but these have changed my mind. The manufacturer was kind enough to include Comply brand tips in their packaging, which certainly entirely alleviates feeling of having foreign bodies in my in my ears. I've easily listened to them for 40 hours in the week since I received them and there has been zero discomfort. I've had them in my ears when I went to sleep and awoken...
  2. Shure SE535LTD RED

    2.50 star(s)
    I was looking for an excellent universal IEM with multiple drivers to fit my portable listening needs. Ideally, I would have my beloved LCD-2's in a portable package. I have become addicted to the effortless brightness of those headphones and their versatility. I'm sad that I can't wear them all the time, which is why I need something portable.   I have listened to and enjoyed many low end IEMs (including a sub $100 set of Shures) since my first pair of IEMs (Etymotic ER-4P's) were destroyed, but none of them were able to completely satisfy my...