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    Introducing the Audeze MM-500!

    The bass and sub-bass is there, but not boosted. Have you listened to any other Audeze headphones before? Cause that flat and not boosted bass is their trademark. The MM-500 also have very good imaging precision. The soundstage isn't as expansive as some other planars (like some of the...
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    KOSS ESP-950 Thread

    The Koss ESP 950 system isn't that level of giant killer. The Koss has a niche where it is neat listening and interesting to have. But it's not an all-rounder and has some notable performance limits. I think it's the energizer that is holding it back. The amp isn't a transparent window to the...
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    LCD-X and XC Update

    The LCD-X sounds like it has a "hole" or recess in the mids and low treble because it does. The recess is more noticeable to me when using solid state amplification than when using hybrid tube or full tube amplification. You can experiment with EQ to fill in the midrange and see how you like...
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    Post CanJam Withdrawals? in SoCal? We Got You Covered on 10/1/2022! (Head-Fi Meet by Rosson Audio)

    Meets like this make me wish I lived closer to SoCal so I could attend these meets regularly. Alex, Alex, and Sankar along with the local Portland/Seattle Cavalli fans are the people who got me hooked on the sound qualities of good headphone audio back around 2010. Before that I was of the...
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    LCD-X and XC Update

    Yup. Calling it the 2021 revision is easier than calling it the 2020 Thanksgiving Surprise version. Plus nobody noticed the change until 2021.
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    Official HIFIMAN HE1000 Impressions Thread

    The Woo Audio Adjustable Headphone Stand It is adjustable to be tall enough for the big oval ear cups. And you also have the option to hang the headphone band by the metal part instead of the leather strap. So that the leather strap doesn't get deformed or stretched.
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    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    Depends on how you define close. I have a Gungnir MB A1 (early version Gungnir MB) and I prefer it to my Bifrost 2. The Gungnir has more resolution in the sense that I can hear further into the recording and a more fleshed out midrange that pairs better with some of my amps like the Liquid Gold...
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    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Gold (X)

    I also find the LGX to sound better and more coherent in low gain than in high gain. Make sure you're using low gain. The Meze aren't going to need high gain. The gain switch on the LGX does do a little "pop" when switching gain settings. Best practice when switching gain settings on the LGX is...
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    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Gold (X)

    The LGX is weird like that. It's not entirely predictable what headphones will pair well and what headphones won't. In general I've found planar magnetics to be more likely to have that special synergy than traditional dynamics. But there's always going to be exceptions. It's a very neat amp...
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    Audeze - MM-Series - MM-500

    I wouldn't be buying the HD800 for soundstage imaging. The HD800 is all about making things sound farther away to create a big soundstage. If everything is far there can be no near. And that's what the HD800 is. All far, no near. Good soundstage with imaging is about being able to hear near...
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    Schiit Gungnir Multibit vs Denafrips Ares 2

    I have a multibit Gungnir. The A1 is the first version of the Gungnir Mulibit. Schiit did a silent revision that is known as the A2 or Analog 2 version. It's an updated version of the analog portion of the DAC that drives the outputs. The A2 version is technically an improvement. The A1 and A2...
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    Schiit Gungnir Multibit vs Denafrips Ares 2

    That's one person's opinion. I have a Gungnir A1 (analog 1). I've heard the Ares II and Pontus II at meets and to me those Denafrips DACs sound like mush. A wall of sonic mush. I don't know what people are hearing in the Denafrips DACs when they talk about detail. Because I didn't hear what I...
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    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    They also cut corners by not including an option to buy it with a stock balanced 4.4mm cable. And why change to using the 2 pin system instead of the MMCX that the Timeless uses? If I get a Dioko that means I'll have to buy another cable to be able to use it with my balanced sources.
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    Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    HiFi News and Record Report still relies too much on measurements rather than ears to determine what is a legit high-res recording and what is not. The benefits of high-res are in capturing more accurate transients and timing. Not in capturing frequencies that only bats can hear. HiFi News...
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    Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    If you mean a HiFi magazine publishing Mark Waldrep's analysis of high-res then you need to find a different source. Mark Waldrep is a Ph.D. educated beyond his means. He claims that anything recorded from master tape cannot be high-res because of his ignorant beliefs about sound quality. I've...