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    Looking to buy new IEMs

    I would appreciate it if anybody that has tried both Brainwavz M3 and Shure SE215 could give me their opinion on both of the IEMs. Also, other suggestions are still welcome. :)
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    Need help soldering my Sunrise Xcapes

    Sorry, I don't have a multimeter so I can't check that.  Aren't I supposed to only have 4 wires; left, right and 2x ground? What are the last two wires in my cable doing there?
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    Need help soldering my Sunrise Xcapes

    Hi! The cable in my Xcapes broke by the jack so I'm trying to solder on a new jack only I have run into a small problem. I have 6 wires inside the cable from my Xcapes. They are: Red, Green, Blue, Copper, Blue/Copper and Red/Copper and from what I have read it's not supposed to be that many...
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