French / Australian guy who just loves his audio gear..erm..I mean music playback.
Mad amateur cook, tinkering with older cars, film, books, current affairs
Headphone Inventory
Grado PS1000 serial no# 1605
Grado RS1i serial no# 10746
Grado SR325i w/ Beyer DT770 headband
Grado SR80i w/ HD414 pads & Beyer DT770 headband
Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600-ohm
AKG K601
Audio Technica M50
Headphone Amp Inventory
Lake People Violectric HPA-V200
Counterpoint solid state headphone amplifier model #CHA1
Audio Technica AT-PHA10 Portable amp
Source Inventory
Rega DAC
Arcam rDAC (gone)
Audiophilleo 1 USB to SPDIF/Coax converter serial no #947

Apple iShuffle
Cable Inventory
Chord Co. Cobra Plus RCA cables
Chord Co. Crimson Plus RCA cables
Antipodes Reference RCA cables
Nordost Red Dawn RCA cables
Chord Silver Light USB cable (gone)
Nordost Blue Heaven USB cable (Rega DAC)
Power-Related Components
Shunyata ZiTron Cobra Furutech ended power cable (AUS)
Nordost Heimdall Revision 2 (new for 2012) Furutech ended power cable (AUS)
C5 to IEC Music Direct Cryo'd Adapter for aftermarket power cord use with Rega DAC
Furutech Fuse
Digitech 600va UPS protector with noise filter
Audio-Related Tweaks
Foobar 2000 with J Play, Fidelizer and ASIO
Music Preferences
All genres ranging from contemporary soundtracks, classic rock, hard rock, prog rock, jazz, motown, Vegas big band recordings - no electronic or club music here folks.

Leon Spencer and his keyboard is where it's at.

These would be my main genres.
My little 1980 pocket rotary rocket ~ 1980 Alan Moffat Mazda RX-7 (12a extend port)
IT govt. contractor


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