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    New Year's Resolutions

    I started smoking just as 2010 ended and I regret picking it up.  I hope I can leave it at that and to be able to say that 2011 was the only year I smoked.
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    I currently have a Tavor assult rifle:     and I'm supposed to switch it to the Micro Tavor this month:
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    What Live concerts have you attended?

    well i'm 18 so i didn't get a chance to go to major concerts but I have been to these three Asaf Avidan and the Mojos -3 times. Paul McCartney at Tel Aviv Gogol Bordello at Tel Aviv  
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    The "I'm excited about..." thread: post about anything that's got you stoked!

    In 17 days (March 16th 2011) I join the army, FML
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    Going to NYC

    Hi.. me and a some friends are going to NYC and wanna check out some music shows. They don't have to be famous artists, we'd love to go to one of those little bars with music shows.  We're 21 so no worries there. Any suggestions? 
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    When was the last time you bought a CD?

    I bought Matisyahu's "Youth" and Elliot Smith's "XO" two weeks ago.
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    What book are you reading right now?

    I wanna start reading. I'm 17.5 and I haven't read many books. Not much in my language and certainly not much in English. Do you have a suggestion for me? I'd don't have a specific genre, just don't give me a bombastic book at the beginning.  I want to read it in english and improve my...
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    Opinions on Tattoos

    I wanna get one with the line "i hope i die before i get old" but it's too long.
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    Shipping up to London

    I'm from Israel.  I'll check out the speakers corner, I think many will have things to say about my country lol.
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    WINDOWS users-- which web browser do you use and why?

    I switched from FF to chrome two weeks ago. I still haven't found all of my favorite addons. I need foxytunes and a proper download statusbar. But it is faster than FF and lighter on the CPU.
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    Some NYC touristic stuff

    My mom is currently visiting NYC. At a moment of stupidity I said that I don't want to go with her because I thought being in NYC with her and my 20 year old sister would be hell. Too much shopping lol. So anyways, I wanna ask her to bring me stuff that are part of the NY "experience". I was...
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    The battle of North America begins...Canada vs United States

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew H I'd be happy to share my copy of it, but not sure how, since it's 40 gigs for the 6-hour NBC broadcast... I don't want the 6-hour broadcast. only the 2-2 goal and the 3-2 goal.
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    The battle of North America begins...Canada vs United States

    Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew H You should be able to see streams of the highlights as well as the full game at Quote: Competition video from the 2010 Winter Olympics is restricted to viewers within the United States International viewers can still...
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    The battle of North America begins...Canada vs United States

    Congrats to both teams. Does anyone know where I can find a video of the 4th goal (2-2 USA) and the 5th (3-2 CANADA). I saw the game up until the 3rd period and then I fell asleep (it was 12.30-1AM local time). This game was the first hockey game I ever saw. Cool game :P