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    Lets Talk Metal

    After a VERY long absence, I'm back. Hey dudes.   I'm on my third listen of Opeth's Pale Communion. I've been following the hype behind the album; even with a few small missteps, I'm still enjoying it very much. Overall, it seems like an actually cohesive and well-executed version of what was...
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    Issue with sound from uDAC2->Foobar2000

    I fixed it. For some reason in ASIO there was a problem with both the "In" and "Out" being turned on under the Device List for the uDAC2. I turned "In" off and it's fine now. Weird.
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    Issue with sound from uDAC2->Foobar2000

    Hey all, I just upgraded the circuit in my uDAC to that of the uDAC2. All is working well, but I've noticed that when I start a song in Foobar2000, the first second of the song is silence - although the visualizations show that the song is playing and registers the signal, the actual sound...
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    College audiophiles unite!

    I'm a senior at Morehead State University majoring in English Education. We're sort of outcast from both the Education department and the English department, haha. We're a strange breed; we're too rigid and academic for the Creative Writing majors but too "deep" for the Special Education majors...
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    Maximo iMetal iM790... any word?

    I searched for a related thread but only found one from several months ago which I didn't want to resurrect.   Anyway, is there any word on the new earphones from Maximo, the iM790? I've heard great things about the iM590 and considered buying a pair only to hear that the company was working...
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    Scary moments you've had in Head-Fi

    Probably one of the strangest moments I had was just the other night. I was up around 1 A.M. (and I'm never up that late) listening to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring on my SR80i. The impact of the instruments, the dynamics, the primitive rhythms... all of converged together into a freakin'...
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    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    I got the email from David today that my Little Dot I+ shipped out. I'm so excited for my first tube experience!   Anyway, I may wait a while to try out new tubes, and I don't even know if I'll bother with opamps since I'm clumsy when it comes to dealing with small electronics parts.  ...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Stravinsky - "'Part I (Adoration of the Earth): Spring Rounds" from The Rite of Spring, conducted by Robert Craft.   Sounds incredible on Grado headphones. Gahh.
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    uDAC and Little Dot I+.... good match for Grado SR80i?

    Thanks for your input, everyone. This combo is looking more likely as I read more.   @ s4one: My volume on Windows and Fubar2000 is set to max level; on the uDAC, the volume knob usually sits at 9 o'clock and is usually at a comfortable volume except for "hot" albums when I take the volume...
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    uDAC and Little Dot I+.... good match for Grado SR80i?

    Hey all, I recently got a pair of Grado SR80i (I guess you could say these are my first real headphones). I've clocked about 40 hours on them and have noticed some pretty substantial changes in sound quality through the burn-in period, and expect only greater changes to come down the road.  ...
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    What Format is Your Music?

    CD for my home system. Computer stuff consists of WMA Lossless and mp3s between 192-320 kbps.
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    What Book Are you Reading?

    Currently reading What is Reformed Theology? : Understanding the Basics by R.C. Sproul. I meant to read it sooner (I bought it back in December), but now that my semester is over, I've had more time to dedicate to leisurely reading. I'll probably follow it up with Sproul's Defending Your Faith...