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    SOLD: Schiit Modius black

    SOLD! Please delete. Impulse bought this and really enjoyed it. But then I thought well, how much would I like the Gungnir? So for now, I am keeping the Gungnir. :) This barely saw 4-5 weeks of use before it was put back in the box. I bought it in from Schiit in June of 2020. It's in perfect...
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    FS: Focal Drop Elex

    Bought these in the middle of October and they are essentially as new and in excellent condition. The plastic is still on the cables. I put less than 40 hours of use into them. $560 shipped.
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    FS: IFI Ipurifier3 & SoundBlasterX G6

    iFi iPurifier 3 with Type B connection - $90 shipped Creative Sound BlasterX G6 and a USB cable - $100 shipped
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    FS: Totem Rainmaker Speakers

    A really wonderful speaker! I wish I was in the market right now. GLWS!
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    SOLD: Gustard DAC-X26 w/ USB

    I compared this extensively to my Audio-GD NFB7.77 and in some ways it's better. I wanted to keep it mostly because it's 1/3 the physical size of the Audio-GD. They sound pretty similar but the Audio-GD has a bit more of a relaxed sound, and slightly less detail. My preference for the Gustard is...
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    SOLD: NuForce STA200

    Bump for price drop.
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    SOLD: Sony TA-A1ES Integrated Stereo Amp

    Selling this fantastic integrated amp because I am going back to a more dedicated home theater setup. I spend less than 10% of my time critically listening to music anymore, so it just makes more sense to have something like an AVR or Pre-Pro. I've been using this for awhile and it has been...
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    Please delete.
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    (SOLD) FS: Wyred4Sound mINT (Integrated DAC/amp) - $550

    What a really cool piece! I wish I needed this for my bedroom setup. Looks like an RPI plus a DAC HAT would make for a really killer and tiny stereo setup. GLWS