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  1. Grado SR225

    In perfect condition, with brand new pads.
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    A perfect, no-hassle transaction with a cool head-fier 🙂.
  3. Sennheiser HD540 Reference (TOTL before the HD600)

    The « HD 540 Reference » was the top of the line from Sennheiser before they released the HD 600. Some prefer it to the HD600 ;-). Sold with brand new pads (not original but better quality ones). The cable is a bit tatty but it works 100% perfectly. The original 6,3 mm jack has been replaced...
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    And here we go again, copy-paste because it was a double transaction :-) : A perfect, no-hassle overseas transaction with a very reliable, communicative and friendly head-fier. Highly recommended! :-)
  5. Marbled Sennheiser HD 600. Early production. The Legend :-)

    In mint condition, except the usual (for a 20+ years old HD600) flattened headband and the thin pieces of foam that cover the drivers, which should be replaced; not because of too much use (the headphone has seen extremely little use!), but just because of… age. The earpads are stock, in...
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Grados, like any other high-end headphone, DO benefit a lot from an amp. They sound good out of an iPhone but sound great out of a dedicated amp.
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    It is the red driver version. I find the bass « just right »: present, clean and tight. Not overwhelming, not fuzzy. This is why I would avoid the formula « bass- heavy », as it might be somehow misleading.
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    Checked; it’s black silk indeed.
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    It says « Printed in Ireland 34391 0702 ».
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  12. Grado SR 325e

    Grado SR 325e, as new in box. Everything is in the pics, you get what you see :-) . Location: France. Willing to ship worldwide. More photos available upon request. Check MY FEEDBACK and buy with confidence: Here: … and also here...
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    It was a pleasure to do this transaction with allenwong. He is a very serious head-fier and a very nice person to discuss with. Highly recommended! :-)
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    No, the wood is definitely not rough at all, it is well lacquered and shiny.
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