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    A question about frequency response, particularly treble.

    Firstly, I'm sorry if this is going over old ground, but I couldn't think of the correct search term to check for this question's previous existence. I did have a few looks through though, and found nothing.   Anyway, onto the question. On most frequency response curves I have seen the bass...
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    Help identifying an IEM

    Hi   I remember seeing an IEM on one blog or another that had a clever little bit of design where a small piece of string attached to the body of the IEM at one end and to the cable of the IEM at the other created a bit of slack where the cable joined the IEM itself, and therby (hopefully)...
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    ATH-FC700. Why I love my new headphones... And thanks Head-Fi!

    First of all, I feel I should state that I'm not an audiophile (unless that simply means that I love music, in which case, I am!), and so I don't really have ears finely tuned enough to accurately compare different headphones or audio setups. Secondly, I should say that before now I have only...
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    What to expect from a £30 price difference?

    In my quest for some good portable closed back headphones I found two intriguing Audio-Technica models... There's the ATH-FC700 (~£50) and the ATH-ES55BK (~£80).   Now both are closed, and both are well reviewed (although, interestingly, it's harder to find the ES55 for sale?), so now I am...
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    Portable closed back showdown.

    I completely forgot the sennheiser hd228/238 as well. What does anyone know about these guys?
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    Portable closed back showdown.

    As for loud vs. discrete... Well primarily I don't want to hear the train! But I also don't want to wind up other passengers (as I have been the guy listening to leaky headphones and getting pissed off before!).   When you say the ATH-es55 can be had for cheap, how cheap is that? I feel like...
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    Portable closed back showdown.

    Hi!   I have been searching around these forums for a while, and although there's a few threads about closed back phones it normally comes down to HD25s or Beyer DT1350. I used to have HD25s, and they were GREAT headphones, but they weren't VERY portable, and they are also very expensive...
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    Songs that'll make our IEM's or Portable Headphones RUMBLE!
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    PX100-IIs not cutting it, what can I replace them with?

    I have tried IEM's in the past, but I find them really uncomfortable after about half an hour and are pretty fiddly to get in. Plus (I'm sure high end models sort this out though) I find the "stethoscope" effect (where vibrations up the cord are really audible, sort of underwater sounding)...
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    PX100-IIs not cutting it, what can I replace them with?

    Now when I say not cutting it I don't mean in sound, I have grown to love these guys and after leaving them for an overnight burn-in everythintg balanced out.   Where they are not cutting it, however, is in my office. They bleed too much, my colleagues are getting annoyed, and now that I...
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