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Jan 21, 2012
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Boston globe

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    Boston globe
    I've been in this for two years but I just bought my dream rig so i finally joined
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennhieser hd650
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Bottlehead crack, the only amp I will ever need.
    Source Inventory:
    acer aspire one laptop to a sim audio moon 100d dac
    Cable Inventory:
    Headphone cable
    *mogami w2534 hd650 cable (diy)
    *nylon multifiliment techflex 
    *Furutech fp704 stereo plug
    *Moon audio rhodium plated hd650 plugs

    *Diy Home grown audio 24awg 99.998 pure silver cable with FEP dielectric insulation
    *Gaofei OFC rhodium plated RCA      
    connectors. (chinese hifi company

    Crack power cable
    *Three 14 awg stranded conductors, braided, wrapped i nylon fillament techflex.
    *Acrolink ac connector
    Power-Related Components:
    Furman power conditioner
    Other Audio Equipment:
    2 tung sol 5998, 4 rca black plate 6as7, 2 tesla ecc802s, a telefunken 12au7, a rca black plate 12au7, and a rca clear top
    Music Preferences:
    Hip hop, rock, some types of electronic, and classical
    Im zach, 19 years young.
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