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    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: Thank you!
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    New Rig completed... >> 2nd Gen 32gb Touch clad in black & white Rebel Touch case (Welcome to SwitchEasy) >> Custom low profile LOD (courtesy of qusp) >> SR-71 (the venerable one, approaching 5 yrs old & still kickin' ass...modified to Gain=2 to better accommodate the IEMs...snuck a cool...
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    Purchased a custom LOD from Jeremy. Communication was excellent, and the merchandise was exactly what I'd specified. Lead time & delivery date was reasonable. I would not hesitate to do business with Jeremy again. Peace ~ Graz
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    rig under construction...just waiting for a new lod from qusp. should be decent once all the pieces are in place. the pieces: 32gb touch > lod > sr71 > ue11-pro gotta say, attaching a touch to an amp (especially one with a significant front faceplate lip like the sr71) isn't exactly trivial...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    This combo works remarkably well: new nano --> sr71 --> ue11... Just sayin. Peace, Graz
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    Undressing the Diablo

    Nice amp and nice pics... But I have to say, the solder quality actually looks rather poor. Several components are askew, and there's uncleaned flux everywhere. Obviously, it's hand-soldered, but I can't say that it's particularly well done...certainly not in line with the cost of this amp...
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    Thanks for the input & suggestions...much appreciated. I'll give it a listen when the ue11's show up & see how it goes.
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    So, I just dropped the cash for some ue11's (ear impressions went in the mail yesterday)...should have 'em back in a couple weeks... The plan is to go: 5.5g imod-->SR-71 (which I already have)-->ue11 The question... there any point in "upgrading" from the SR-71? The size reduction...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Akathisia Sorry about the ew9's: Peace, Graz
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    Quote: Originally Posted by SBD yeah.. but how come they don't make a usb 2.0 version? the pocket dock is a straight pass-thru connector for the four conductors that make up the usb interface. as long as the devices on both ends support usb 2.0, the conductors between them don't...
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    Happy Birthday Ray Samuels!

    Happy Birthday Ray... many happy returns & thanks for the great amps! Peace, Graz
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    Sold: 60GB Imod 4G Photo W Colorware Treatment

    I'm interested...but live in Taiwan. Any chance you'd consider shipping here (sorry, I know you said USA only). Peace, Graz
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    Just Amazing

    Confused destinies of synthetic manifestations cloud the extinguished realities of obscure observations...but give me bit perfect over bit imperfect any day. Peace, Graz
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    Why SD card is called Secure Digital Card?

    wikipedia to the rescue: "The “Secure” in Secure Digital comes from the card’s origin. To create the SD card, Toshiba added encryption hardware to the already-existent MMC card, to calm music industry concerns that MMC cards would allow for...