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    Sansa Clip Zip treble roll-off with Etymotic HF3

    Hi head-fiers,   Recently, I got a Clip Zip and have rockboxed it with the latest official release, and am facing an issue with my Etymotic HF3s. With all sound settings turned off, including replaygain, EQ and crossfeed:   There is a distinctly audible treble roll-off with the...
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    How to equalize your headphones: A Tutorial

    Amazing article , PiccoloNamek . I have nothing to fault or critique in the end result - applied to my Koss UR40 powered by the laptop's Realtek ALC268 Intel HD codec.The first thing that came to my mind after a quick listen was "It's a Noise reduction plugin !" , seriously . A and Bing from...
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    Do you hear the difference? A test

    I heard the difference in 2 tries on my Koss-UR40 and Audigy 1 Value (modded).
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    Winamp - Good 48k Resampler?

    Quote: Originally Posted by alleyezon_d Well back to the initial topic. Even if you resample with a plugin, your card will resample it again. Even if its 48k to 48k. It just resamples everything to 48k, it doesn't pick and choose. Oh no...the Audigy cards don't resample 48k to...
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    Do AC connectors really make this big differences?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick82 My system was way too warm and I couldn't listen longer than half a track before I needed to unplug my system. I was on the floor on my knees ready to start tweaking but didn't want to, so I plugged it back in, but it sounded too warm again so I...
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    Closed cans w/ the tightest bass for bass practicing < $399 ?

    Koss Pro 4AAT . Tight,tight low bass and pretty neutral sounding across the spectrum.
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    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Yeah,the opamps up the voltage of the audio signal to somewhere near the standard,2 Vrms.
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    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    caps burn in ?
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    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Ahh, the disaster stories are coming in..I was wondering they would.the next time,try practicing on dead cards from your local pc hardware store. And the variety of capacitor mods you guys keep coming up with is ridiculous...oh,i forgot that head-fiers are better than the multiple...
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    ksc75 ISOLATION mod. PICS!

    Quote: Originally Posted by werdwerdus I tried this once and the sound was quite abismal. The shape of the inside of the earmuffs probably has a large effect on the difference in sound quality. Maybe I should try it again but not while I'm outside mowing. x2. The Koss KSCs need a...
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    KSC75 or PX 100

    PX100. KSCs are brittle,boomy and with a complete lack of midrange magic.
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    My Sound Card SUX - What to do?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tachikoma The SB Live 24 bit deserves a mention, as far as budget sources go. Cheaper and easier to find than the AV-710 too. Live! 24bit or Audigy SE.
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    ASUS Xonar D2 preview

    It's a win,win !
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    XFi Xtrememusic worth it?

    It's not the DSP that affects sound quality in music.The card has the same opamps and DAC used in Creative's higher priced cards.Change the opamps and install additional caps post the voltage regs and you have a sweet sounding card. Scores damn well in RMAA . Lookup the RMAA scores at