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    About to get my 1st DAP. Is Rio Karma still a good buy?

    What changes were made to the refurbished karma? Has anyone heard reports of faulty refurbished karmas?
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    Which Has Better Bass: Creative Nano (N200) or Iriver IFP-799?

    So how come if you listen to different DAPs through their line-outs using the same headphones & amp, they don't sound identical? Is this because not all DAPs have true line-outs hence their sound signatures don't get completely bypassed?
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    Which Has Better Bass: Creative Nano (N200) or Iriver IFP-799?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 450 vranswer: I think you should go iRiver. iRiver players generally have a warm, bassy sound. Flip the iPod frequency response upside-down: the bass-less...becomes a bass-boost (well you get the point)... Do a player's sound characteristics get...
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    Westone ES2's and a few questions

    Strange because the ES2s are meant to have the same sensitivity as the UE-10s. What's your source?
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    Xin SuperMicro/Mini Competitors?

    What's the difference between the super mini and super macro other than size?
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    UE10 vs Sensas: A second take

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus I've just received an interesting response from Westone! I sent an email mentioning that I'm a UE10-Pro owner, and that I like the sound a lot but find them uncomfortable for lying in bed because of the hard acrylic material. Thus, I queried...
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    SonicStage 3.0 available

    Quote: Originally Posted by hifiboom Sonic Stage 3.1 Update is already here ...... just do a google search Have you tried it yet?
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    The ES2s have landed!

    Quote: Originally Posted by toaster22 i'm a little uncertain how you're drawing all these conclusions...where are you getting your information. why do you know about these people with all three iems but nobody else does? If you type ES3 in the 'Search' function it lists past...
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    The ES2s have landed!

    Quote: Originally Posted by toaster22 i'm sorry....what? where are these people? here's an ES3 review for you
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    The ES2s have landed!

    I've spoken to 3 members who own the ES3s. Two of them own the UE-10s and Sensas as well and they both say they like the ES3s the best.
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    UE-10 Pro First Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Construct Two words: Echo Indigo. (You didn't really think you could escape without any more purchases, did you?) LOL...we're all eventually doomed to buy the Orpheus! Didn't you read the license agreement when you signed up for head-fi??
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    Sony NW-HD5 coming June - maybe?

    It doesn't come with a remote does it? Also, does anyone know if they've addressed the background hiss problem that some were having with the HD3?
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