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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Playing around with the new macro lens I got this summer ...
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    Happy Birthday Steve Hoffman!

    Have a great birthday Steve!!!
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    December '07 Giveaway - Three-way for Christmas!

    Sign me up! Thanks and a Merry Christmas to you!!!
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    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    At this very moment ... Grado's HF-1's.
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    Post Pics of Your Halloween Costumes

    This was a quickie picture ... I should take a better one as he's hilarious when he moves around in his costume.
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    Color match screen to printer?

    The subject of color correction management is a big one ... you might want to try a search on for additional details. The bottom line is that you have to calibrate both your monitor and your printer to get the best match. One hardware calibrator is the spyder line but I think...
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    Is there a way to DL all photos in a photo album without...

    I'm surprized that a photographer would only keep 533x800 pixel images of a shoot and delete the originals. These are very low resolution images usually only used for websites but it is very unusual to shoot at these resolutions??? As an previous poster mentioned the photographer (or his...
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    Tis the season ...

    Quote: rxc wrote: I'm guessing Halloween. We have a winner! BTW it was my entry in an online pumpkin carving contest. They give you a picture of a blank pumpkin to start with and you are supposed to make changes. Obviously I got carried away ... not sure if you can even recognize...
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    Happy Birthday elnero!

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    A halloween stump ...

    Thanks for looking and your kind comments!
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    A halloween stump ...

    Quote: Assorted asked: Do you still have the original picture with you? Here it is ...
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    A halloween stump ...

    I started with a photo I took of a stump I found during a walk through the woods but got carried away in photoshop. Since it's that time of the year I thought I'd post it:
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    Happy Birthday Zanth!

    Have a great birthday Zanth!!!
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    Post your Photography Here!

    Playing around ...