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    I sold a phono pre amp to Nikongod, very good communications and very very prompt payment. Highly recommended.
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    FrankenZERO - A bang for buck exploration with a DIY Heart !

    Peete, you'd be happy or horrified to know that I've not slept since my last post. I've been suckling on Frankies lactating sonic mamaries ever since, taking quick 30 minutes here and there to freshen up, but, now I finally must get some rest or I will become looney. As evidenced by my previous...
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    turn table + Hd650, and amp

    assuming you have the tone arm and cartridge and stylus that's included with your turntable. I would recommend getting an azur 640P phono preamp, that'll then plug into your darkvoice amp or amp of choice and then you plug your HD650s into that. Pretty self explanatory. The mac - dac - amp -...
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    The Audio-gd Compass (Was: Designing an alternative to the Zero DAC/amp)

    anyone with a burned in earth opa that they'd like to sell? ; )
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    FS: Vintage Realistic Phono pre amp $20.00

    Ultra rare, Vintage Realistic Phono Stage/Pre amp, from the 70s or 80s? Dimensions are as follows, Width = 5 Inches Height = 2.5 inches Depth = 7 inches Weight= 1.5 pounds Tested for 5 minutes, appears to be in good working condition, I didn't have a ground wire to connect to...
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    power conditioner or power cable?

    My next step in audio is power supply issues. Would I benefit more from getting a power conditioner or an upgraded power cable? The wiring in my house is pretty old, but I do no hear any hum or noise coming from the power.
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    bump for a great headfier, FYI the SE Cardas has been sold to ME!!!! hahahaha
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    FrankenZERO - A bang for buck exploration with a DIY Heart !

    Peete, I found great pleasure in doing the mod. Good to hear that the frequency will balance out in a few more hundred hours haha. Right now it's a little cloudy and distant sounding, but I'm sure it's a passing phase. The hardest part for anyone considering the install is getting the old...
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    I love my HD650s, But.....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I also think the HD-600 would be a safe choice. It has almost the same sound signature but is more neutral. Another option is to try a solid state amp. Tubes can be soft and flabby with bass, but solid state cleans that up. I totally...
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    WTB: Cardas HDxxx Cord

    looking for a cardas HDxxx cord in a 10 foot length preferably. Please PM with price request if you have one on hand. Best
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    FrankenZERO - A bang for buck exploration with a DIY Heart !

    wow Pete that's is a generous offer. The mod took me about 8 hours of nerves and anxiously awaiting the life or the death of my Zero unit upon power up. But in the end....... muah haha I'm one happy frankie owner!!!
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    Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable impressions

    There's really not a lot of information on this site about the Moon Audio Black Dragon cable, so I thought I'd give my quick impressions about them and list some sonic characteristics of the Black Dragon. The source is as follows MacBookPro optical out - FrankenZero Dac - Little Dot MK3 -...
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    FrankenZERO - A bang for buck exploration with a DIY Heart !

    man this project is both a pain and a joy, getting some of the old parts out is like pulling teeth, it helps to have a buddy of yours to gently pull on a part while you de solder a component from the bottom, then suck out the residual solder afterwards. After the first components came out the...
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    Radiohead: Vinyl vs CD Comparisons ??

    I'm listening to Ok Computer on Vinyl now. It sounds bloody fantastic!!! However I do have In Rainbows on Vinyl and CD, and I think there's really not much difference between the two, might even have to tip the hat to CD for In Rainbows.