Head Gear Reviews by goodvibes
  1. Empire Ears Wraith

    4.50 star(s)
    removed due to not having enough time with it and don't want to overstate the goodness without having owned them.
  2. Shanling M3s Digital Audio Player

    4.00 star(s)
    This will only be about sound. They were all great in use and that ground has been covered. You'll need to be patient for the M3s portion or just skip ahead. M1: Cheap and cheerful. It's a warmish, smooth player but not lacking in color. It doesn't reach in as far as better players but at this size and price is a very enjoyable listen. I (my daughter's now) own an old AK100 MkII ( the low output impedance version) which would still cost significantly more used. It's still a better player with a similar tonality but has better prat separation and...
  3. HiSoundAudio BA100

    4.00 star(s)
      So after a day of somewhat abusive run in (free and impatient) and tip rolling, I can say these easily play in a realm at or above their $100 price point. The stock tips are fine and Grado tips also work well but try a few doubles on them all the way to the base and you may get really great results. The stock tips are short and I prefer those up near the tip, the Grado/Orto tips can go lower on the body of the nozzle as they're longer and the UE doubles are quite long, should sit against the base and just sing on these. I have a half dozen double...
  4. Studio V Anniversary Edition

    4.50 star(s)
    The player, for lack of a better word, is dramatic but not artificially so. More like it has the ability to bring home the soul and intentions of a song. There's a tangibility here that you don't get from other all in one players. Music often has a personal message or story that a performer is trying to relate and it's the hardest thing kit has to do. Call it goose bump factor but it won't show up in specs. This player can transport you there.   It's not perfect. The ui could be more refined (but it's fine), the display larger(but it's fine)...
  5. Spider "realvoice" Vertical in the Ear Headphone

    4.00 star(s)
    There is a lot here to prejudice me against them but with only 6 hrs breakin, I already just plain enjoy them. To me, this is as much bass as I could use without mucking things up so they're fun without being overbearing at the bottom. The mids are extremely natural sounding and less IEM in nature. I wouldn't call the transition to the highs ruler flat as you may suspect from something described as natural since the lower treble/very upper mids is a bit back but far from missing and it gives these a very relaxed and real character without lacking...