Head Gear Reviews by gogogasgas
  1. Matrix Rip USB dac 24bit 96khz headphone amplifer DAC Audio Decoder 2012 new Silver

    4.50 star(s)
    I needed a reasonably priced DAC/headphone amp to go with my Senn HD650s.   This amp/DAC offers amazing bang for the buck. I have owned a number of good DACs and headphone amps - is it as as good as my Violectric 200/800 combo? No way. But, teamed with a pair of rounded/smooth headphones like the HD650s, it makes a great entry level combined amplification and DAC solution.   Enough grunt (via the 2nd headphone output slot) to drive my headphones, enough bass (a little bloated, but I suspect that's the HD650s), highs OK and not harsh, mids clear...