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    iPod Video battery stuck "charged", time for new logic board?

    I've ran into a spot of trouble with my 80GB iPod Video recently.  The TL;DR: I think the logic board on my iPod has gone faulty, but I don't really know enough about the hardware to know if this is actually the problem or not.   I didn't notice any precursor trouble before one day, after...
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    Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

    Even though the album doesn't hit shelves until April 12, the Foo Fighters have released the entire album for online streaming:
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    Drumming Headphones

    Thanks for all the advice so far guys. I'll be heading to my local Long and McQuade within the next couple of days (I need to get a tuning lug on my drums fixed). While I'm there, I'll try to audition both the DT770 Pro and M. Any tips for how to get the most out of auditioning a pair of...
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    Drumming Headphones

    So, how would the "noise attenuation" of the DT770M be any different from the isolation of the DT770 Pro? My assumption would be that it would only be a bit stronger. (Sorry for these newbie questions)
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    Drumming Headphones

    Thanks for the reccomendations so far. My internet has been down for most of today, so that's been a pain. My local music store carries both the DT770 Pro ($215CAD) and DT770M ($230CAD), so those would be easy for me to purchase, so that would incline me to lean that way. From what I've read...
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    Drumming Headphones

    Guess what? I'm a new member here looking for headphone reccomendations (I bet you've never heard that before ). In short, I'm looking for headphones to use while drumming. Now here's the long version: Just a few weeks ago, I started learning to play the drums, and I quickly realized that...
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