Beer! It's what's for dinner... Sennheiser guy since 1980. The plural of vinyl is vinyl. I don't listen to my gear, I listen to music with my gear. That doesn't mean I don't hear my gear because sometimes I do. If you make espresso, you're gonna get burned. Cables don't kill treble, EQ kills treble -- @gimmeheadroom. "Using some measurements to define audio equipment performance, is similar to using a tape measure to define how good looking someone is." -- @Jandu
Sennheiser PX 100, HD 25 plastic, Aluminum, and 75th Anniv., HD 600, HD 800, Fostex TH900mk2 SB, TR-X00 Mahogany, Audeze LCD-2C, 3F, Beyer DT 1770, Shure SE215, SE535, RHA MA-750, Dunu Trident
Musical Fidelity M5si, Violectric V280, ATROX V2, Meier Corda Jazz-ff, Valhalla 2, Lyr 2, Aune B1S
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, RME ADI-2 DAC FS 2nd, Oppo 205, Audio-gd R2R-11, TASCAM DA-3000, MD-CD1MKIII, CD-RW901MKII, Sony MDS-JE510, Audiolab 8300CD, Mutec MC-3+ USB, Bluesound Node 2i
Klipsch R-26F on custom ceramic tile / acoustic foam sandwich, JBL Control 5 monitors on Gravity stands; headphone cables from, skyaudiocables; DIY digital and analog interconnects made of Sommer cable stock and Hicon connectors