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Gideon Lim
Last Activity:
Feb 28, 2019
May 19, 2016
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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Gideon Lim Send PM

New Head-Fier, Male, from Jakarta, Indonesia

Gideon Lim was last seen:
Feb 28, 2019
  • About

    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Headphone Inventory:
    Headphone : Grado SR60E

    Earbuds : TY32 V.1(Recable) (sold)
    Eli Audio - Sabia V3 Recable Thanatos Ares Copper
    Ve Monk (Recable Eidolic OCC SPC 22 AWG Silver Plated Copper +
    Mod) (Died)
    Ve Monk + Darth Black (Recable Atom Cable Silver) (Sold)
    Ve Monk + Red Massdrop (Sold)
    Ve Monk + Mod (Smoky)
    Ve Monk + Purple Edition (Recable and Mod) *Made as a gift for my
    Sister In Law
    Ve Monk + Blue Massdrop (Sold)
    Ve Monk + Candy (Limited Edition) (Sold)
    F.A.T.E.O.N Purple Earbud 32 ohm Ne-D Driver Mod (Made as a gift
    for my sister in law)
    NyctoPhobia 32ohm (Full Mod) Earbud + Cable Old Monk0
    Edifier H185 Hakugei Silver 5N Mod (Sold)
    Zune V2 (Recable Hakugei 5n Copper)
    Pai Audio 3.14 Recable Silver Copper Mix 8 Strand
    ATH J100 (Recable Crystal Cable - Red Version)
    TY32s - Red Cable
    Farreal Old Batch (Jack with Picture)
    Farreal Batch 1 - Black Cable
    Farreal Batch Ashura Cable
    AKG Y19s
    Pionner Earbud
    Pionner Earbud Mod MMCX Detached
    Auglamour RX-1 (Sold)
    Raven Earbud

    IEM : Meze Classic 12
    AAW Nebula One
    Satomi Tubolex (Acrylic Black (Sold) and Gold Brass Edition)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Bluebird U3.6 Portable AMP (Sold), Bmac Mark III LE (AD823 + OP97 OPAMP), Revamp Accoustic Nuansa A1 Batch 2 No.29
    Source Inventory:
    Shanling M2
    Cable Inventory:
    - Hakugei SIlver 5N
    - Hakugei Copper 5N
    - Eidolic OCC SPC 22 AWG Silver Plated Copper Highest Purity Clear
    Power-Related Components:
    Sony Power Bank (Xperia Z)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    - OPAMP 27
    - OPAMP 97
    - OPAMP AD823
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    - VE Basic Interconnect Cable Type-A
    - BlueBird U3.6 M2M
    - JDS Labs Interconnect Mini
    - Wiccaphobia (Aphrodite Cable)
    - Wiccaphobia (Red Ox 7N Cable)
    - Zeusophobia (Athena Tara Labs)
    - Fiio
    Music Preferences:
    - Vocal
    - Rock
    - Jazz / Smooth Jazz
    - Pop / Alternative
    - Trap
    Love the simple things in life.
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