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    Damn ! I won 85mm 1.4 Nikkor - But I'm gonna Die Soon

    Quote: Originally Posted by dj_mocok The one I'm getting is actually the manual AI-S version, but it's still pretty expensive used (I think I got this cheaper than market price for used). My camera is D80, so of course it won't meter but then I can just do everything manually, it's a...
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    My Exam Grades are in....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mrvile Are you guys all part of Team High School? Being a senior, I didn't do too well... AP English: C- AP Government: C+ AP Studio Art: A (the rest were pretty much remedial classes that I pulled A's in) Ehh I can see why I'm going to art school...
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    ATH OR7s - a mild curiosity

    The ATH-ES7 is a marvelous can. Looks great sounds great. Jazz and R&B are especially good with that warm and rich midrange. It sounds awesome with my iPod, but I don't use them anymore and am selling them here. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    Breakup Music

    Quote: Originally Posted by ns6490 Sorry about your breakup. I think Beck's Sea Change is a quintessential album of heartbreak and parting. I put that album on repeat last time i broke up. You have to listen to it. Let your ex listen to it too, as a breakup present. Maybe...
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    ATH-A700 v AKG K81DJ

    The A700 is the jack-of-all-trades headphone, and since he watches movies and listens to music and what not, it would be better for him. The AKG may get uncomfortable for long periods of usage. Also, the A700 is made with higher quality material, and teenagers like me like tend to be less...
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    What do you do to stay energetic and positive?

    i pleasure myself. i won't tell you how.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj EDIT: by the way, you might want to use some thin white borders for your overcast pics. Site's background makes them seem too dark.. Thanks, i'll change the theme right now.
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    New IEM ATH-CK9. click on one of the pictures to see the gallery, you'll see a pair's on display. prototype or not, you be the judge of that.
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    ahhh. my apologies for the overreaction. but when you described the deal initially, it sounded like a scam in everyway. sorry about that.
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    Well...That's ONE way to reward myelf for finishing my path exam...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Scotty757 I've seen your TV, jackass. I have no pity. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my that cracked me up.
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    New IEM ATH-CK9.

    the housing looks pretty flimsy.
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    er4s or something else?

    those are the perfect running cans. oh my.
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    Sony MDR-EX90, Impressions (56K!!)

    sorry to bump an old thread, but i'm curious. how does the ex90 compare to the cx300? I too like slightly colored cans, preferably the bump in the middle for the female vocals.