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    FS: AKG-501 w/ Homegrown Silver Cable upgrade

    Price dropped to $110 + shipping.
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    FS: AKG-501 w/ Homegrown Silver Cable upgrade

    I am selling a used pair of 501s that I got from another member here. The cable upgrade was done by him. The cable is only 4 feet long and is terminated with a mini plug. I am in need of money hence the reason for the sale. The phones are in mint condition with no defects mechanical or cosmetic...
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    FS: Xin SM3 v3.0 (Black w/ switches)

    SOLD!!! Unit was bought new from Xin and can be upgraded since its the first SM I bought. Unit has been used about 10 hours only. I never found myself using it and now I need the money. Unit is in mint condition and also comes with 8 950mH rechargeables and the Colby charger. Amp has 2x...
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    WTT: Etys ER-4S (Brand New)

    Hi all, I have an unused set of Etys that I bought from Todd about 6 months ago. I unfortunately lost the whole box until a few days ago. I since bought a new set. I just found them and don't need 2 pairs. I am looking to make a trade for something else. Would be willing to consider anything...
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    FS: Mint IPOD 40GB 4g. The b/w version not the photo

    I am interested, but your asking price is very high. These can be had new for less off eBay. I would take it ASAP for $235 shipped.
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    WTB: Ipod 40GB 4G

    If you have one new or used email/PM me. I would also consider trading for a 20GB 4G.
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    FS: Woodied/Recabled Grado SR-225

    Well it was recabled by Larry at headphile. So it's custom over the stock cable but no done by me at all.
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    FS: Xin Supermini V3.0

    SOLD!!! Hi all. I am selling a early version of a Xin Supermini. The amp was bought about 2 years ago for $60. I have used it for quite awhile and really enjoyed the sound. I am now selling it. It is not a word class amp and not as good as the current Supermini models, but if you want to...
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    FS: Sik Din (white)

    SOLD!!! I have a used white Sik Din for sale. I have actually only used it for about 1 hour. I removed the firewire cable, so it only has the mini connector on it. Unit is in perfect working order. Asking $16 shipped which is almost 50% off.
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    Xin Supermacro V.4 coming!!!

    Yes this is half joke and half reality. We should place bets as to how long it takes for a v4.0 to come out. I bet some time in April. And yes I too amd waiting for my v3.0!!!
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    Compilation of portable amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by Onix Zemo has new amps for sale, so maybe an update could be in order Thanks for the update. I have added the new Zemo amps.
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    Compilation of portable amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by Onix Another one. This guy is a Headfier and people likes a lot his work Added.
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    Dr. Xin's outstanding customer service

    Not to mention Xin is offering free upgrades from SuperMacro V1.0 to 2.0 is you ordered in the last 30 days. Plus a very reasonable upgrade fee from v1.0/2.0 to 3.0, Xin is the man... er the Doctor.