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    Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

    The stock cable is just stupid, in my opinion - it drags down and disrupts the fit. I'm considering stripping the sheathing, but doubt if it will be much lighter. Trying to find a smooth (not twisted, braided, or sheathed) MMCX cable with no memory wire and no microphone *and* straight...
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    RE-Shell Options AAW vs Perfect Seal

    I heard back from my Westone dealer, and the reshell fee is $450. Maybe if I get another chance at ES20 or better for <$150 I'll think about it.
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    Master & Dynamic MW07 connectivity

    I couldn't deal with the annoyance, especially given how many wired ear/headphones I have with zero connection issues and perfect firmware :-) The MW07 went back, and the Jabra Elite 65t I got for comparison probably will, too. More stuff to charge, software to frown at, problems I can't solve...
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    RE-Shell Options AAW vs Perfect Seal

    Thanks! I've bookmarked their site. What I'm hoping to get are Westones, and according to their customer service they will re-shell them. I thought I read somewhere this is only available to original owners..?
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    RE-Shell Options AAW vs Perfect Seal

    Bummer nobody has replied, I'm interested as well.
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    Kid Headphone Recommendations

    I'm in the same search. (disclaimer - my personal collection runs over 24 pairs of all flavors: IEM, planar, electrostatic, dynamic, Grado, too many amps to admit)   Right now my four-year old has an Amazon Fire tablet I've loaded with curated video for air travel, and we discovered that it...
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    LG V10 - activating High Impedance Mode! (Not just AUX mode...)

    So... my Custom Art Ei.XX are 60ohm... does that mean I'm always in AWESOME mode when listening? Sure sounds like it to me.   Any way to check/verify?
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    Introducing Lola, a new headphone from Blue Microphones

      You make excellent points. I still think they should change the headband on the Mo-Fi. Now to decide what to sell... :-)
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    Onkyo teams up with Iron Maiden

    Has anybody heard these? Can't seem to find an on-ear review...
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    Need to find SOLID headband for Grado SR225i!!!

    Old as this is, I'll chip in - the Urbanears Plattan headband works perfectly with Grado driver cups:             Requires a bit a work to extract the headband wiring (though you could try integrating it with the Grado drivers, I s'pose), so have a tiny screwdriver and dykes handy...
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    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    My screen has a small chip *right* in the middle and contacted iBasso about it.   They were very helpful and offered to repair for a reasonable fee, if I shipped it to them in GuangDong, China...   I decided to live with the chip.
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    The Ear Pads Thread

    I was wondering if these were worth trying...   "King Size DIY Bass Plus Ear Pads Cushion For Grado SR RS PS MS Series Headphone"     They look like HUGE on-ear donuts. Might stick with my Ear Zonk G bowls...     -G
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    KOSS ESP-950 Thread

    I'm in the same situation, again. My left side squeals, even after the factory inspected and repaired them.   Gonna send them in again, because Lifetime Warranty.   If you don't have it already:   Koss Corporation Attn: Warranty Return 4129 N. Port Washington Avenue Milwaukee, WI...
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    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    I've searched as much as I can in the DX50 threads to no avail.   I use my DX50 primarily outdoors, and the small-print-on-black theme is pretty hard to read.   Rockbox has a number of themes, but lacks most of the UI functionality I like in stock.   All I really want is text-only (no...
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    KOSS ESP-950 Thread

    This may have been addressed already, but the warranty transfers with ownership. I know, because I sent my eBay-bought set in and it only cost me shipping (both ways).