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    Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

    The Stantuffo Italia.
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    An amp to help with punch or up the bass a little with my ipod and Westone 4R?

    It's a great combo and I love it with a lot of music, but for music like electronic or hip-hop, I'd love to help get it a little warmer.   I was looking at the FiiO series, as they seem to be more in my price range ( < $200) and they seemed small enough to still be portable, but found out they...
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    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: Mine came in today in the Small Flat Rate Box (if that helps any). And it JUST fit it. So at 1 5/8 inches, likely it wouldn't.
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    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

      Hey guys. I got the 4R. Surprisingly, maybe surprising for most, the custom tips for my SM3 fit the nozzles for the 4R...probably even better. It's a bit more snug on the nozzles, but it's a secure type of snug, where I know it's not going to slip off at all but not break it.   I can...
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    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Quote: I'll give a quick "I was right/wrong" after I get the W4R but plan on a very detailed write up in a month or 2 afterward because I'll have the custom tips for the W4 afterward and I already have custom tips for the SM3. 
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    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    How well is the UM56 Custom Adapter? Their site gives it a rating of 3 stars. This makes me wonder what people's experiences are to it SQ-wise and build quality-wise. I'll also assume the best material is silicone, not vinyl.
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Just waiting to see where I can get the Westone 4 the cheapest. Having high hopes for Earphone Solutions.
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    Can someone with Beats Audio confirm this video?

      It seems too convenient and obvious to what we generally dislike about this whole thing.
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

      Stand for the HD-650 is on top of the lights, but I was using it.  
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    REVIEW: Swan T200B Desktop Monitors

    If you want a warmer sound, no.   These aren't meant to be listened to in a room where you're sitting back. They're desktop speakers and work best when facing toward you sitting close to it. And since you plan to use them for home theater in a largish room, I would suggest against these. The...
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    Earsonics sm3 V2

    I think you'd be the 2nd person in this whole site that would do that for the SM3.   Quote:  
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    Earsonics sm3 V2

    I'd do it simply for cosmetic reasons. But I wouldn't know where you'd get the v2 connectors.   Quote:  
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    Earsonics sm3 V2

    Darn glad to hear that. Looks like my next investment is that. Would've loved a new wire but only for cosmetic reasons whereas this would actually help with sound.   Quote: