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    Etymotics - Good Seal?

    Bummer! Okay too late for this now, but you need to kind of rotate them and wiggle a little to break the seal when slowly removing them. Sounds like you had a good seal though! Hope your eardrum is okay and you are back to happy listening in short order.
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    Think this is worth the $100?

    I agree with everything said above. Is it worth is to you?
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    Etymotics - Good Seal?

    I primarily use the 4S when I travel by air, and a times when a passenger in a car and always get a good seal. I can hear faint background noise during quiet passages of music or between tracks. With music at normal volume, I don't hear much else. They attenuate the background noise/sound but...
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    Just bought Ety ER4-Ps, burn in?

    Quote: Originally posted by uoods Of course, I got the cord replaced, so that might have contributed to it. Yep, that was likely the culprit, just as when you insert new interconnect or speaker cables in your system. I ran my ety's for 72 hours continually playing at normal...
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    Senn 600/amp combos?

    Just another opinion, but there is a nice synergy between the Melos SHA-1 and the 600's. And despite being out of production the Melos continues to be a popular and excellent sounding choice. Plus there are upgrade paths available if you so choose.
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    ety er4p's

    I use a Sony D-EJ621 with my 4p's and find it works well. It is a year or so old and one feature I like is a 2-step bass boost feature for those recordings that could use a little help in the bass section. In that department, I am only a purist at home, not on an airplane, passenger in a car or...
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    ety er4p's

    I have been using the ety 4p's for several months while traveling and have heard no brightness or bass distortion whatsoever. I find them very listenable and find they do a very nice job of music reproduction. As someone else suggested, perhaps it is a source or amp problem.
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    Best amp <= $800 for Senn 580?

    Check out the Melos SHA-1. You should be able to pick one up for 500.00 or so and then could spend a bit to have it modded by Carlo. It is next on my list of audio perks to do and all the threads here have praised it highly following the mods.
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    How long do tubes last?

    That pretty much reflects my practice as well. Turn them on when I get home and turn on music and off when I finish and/or go to bed. My SS stuff (CDP and phono preamp) stay on 24/7 however. I have just never heard of leaving tubes on 24/7 to prolong their life.
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    How long do tubes last?

    Quote: Originally posted by mkmelt If you want your tubes to last as long as possible, running your amplifier all of the time is one way, although it wastes electricity and generates heat into your home, even when you are not listening. This is an interesting comment. Based on...
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    Best sounding headphone without amp

    If you are so inclined, $220.00 will get you some Etymotic 4P, which I use when traveling with a Sony CDP. The sound it really good and worth considering. There has been a thread here in the last couple of days about a source for these that ships overnight for the price noted above.
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    How long do tubes last?

    Of course the answer is, it depends. Smaller signal tubes, such as the 6DJ8 are rated to last about 5,000 hours and the more durable versions will last incrementally longer. An output tube is typically thought to last 2,000 hours, but then you are talking about using them to drive speakers. When...
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    Tube Amp Vs Solid State (My Questions)

    Tube amp clipping is generally thought to be less hard on the ears than when transistior go into clipping and it may be related to even order vs. odd order harmonics. Here are a couple of links on tubes and impedance. It seems the answer is "it depends." Apparently OTL amps do not have as...
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    Tube Amp Vs Solid State (My Questions)

    Quote: Originally posted by markl a lot of extra time and money, a lot of tweaking/fiddling/AB-ing. I am always amazed by the lots of extra time and tweaking misconceptions that go along with owning tubes. You are right about that aspect being a bennie though. I mean, how many SS...
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    etymotic question

    You can clean your ears and keep that from happening.