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    Old Audioengine A5 massive pops, crackle

    I have a pair of AudioEngine's bought in 2009, in Mumbai, India. Recently, my right speaker developed the 'crackling' noise described in this forum and both speakers were non-responsive to the volume knob. The post made by the AudioEngine rep, DanielP, helped me to troubleshoot and fix the...
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    IEM for classic music on D2

    Omerneu, I am a recent convert to classical music - and I converted purely because it sounds divine on my triple-fi's with the D2. :0 I know Triple Fi's are not in your budget, but I would strongly recommend the combo. it works well for all other genres also.
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    A poll IF you have owned the SE530s and Triple Fis

    Well I have not voted as I own only the Triple's (and will probably never own or try the Shures). But it was interesting to read the poll results. While Triples have a lot of pref. on the SQ, Shure clearly represents a more balanced package of SQ, comfort and isolation to the users who've...
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    4gb Clip vs iPod classic and nano

    It's a bit unfair IMO to compare the Nano or Classic to the Clip. The Clip is a surprisingly decent sounding budget player which I would recommend to anyone who is a) constrained on cost b) wants exceptional lightness and portability ...without compromising on SQ. Clip is more of a...
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    Best sound: iAudio v ipod nano v zune v blackberry

    heh, that's a good decision - if the music quality is the priority. But if you still need the Blackberry functionality, then as the earlier poster suggested, get it + a 4 GB Sansa clip - not only is it dirt cheap, and decent sounding, it's also really tiny. You won't feel you're carrying...
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    Girlfriends and IEMS ... and the trouble they cause

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsx_23 Girlfriends + high end gear is generally not a good mix. Rings true for audio gear, and rings true for cars as well. Especially cars. Never, ever let your girlfriend drive your sports car. It amuses me that so many of you have such a poor...
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    Best sound: iAudio v ipod nano v zune v blackberry

    newhous, I sympathise with your need for convenience though I myself have never favored convergence where music is concerned - my policy has been to buy a dirt cheap phone and then the best MP3 player/ IEM that I can afford. To answer your question, I have heard the music o/p from a...
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    sealed, on-ear headphones

    To the best of my knowledge, PX 100 is not sealed but open.
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    Girlfriends and IEMS ... and the trouble they cause

    Quote: Originally Posted by pdupiano Btw I bought her a cowon D2 several months ago and she really liked it I figured IEMs might be the next best thing for her. Anyway I just order a pair of koss to mod. I think the overall consensus is that iem's are a pretty big jump and I tend to...
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    Logitech Acquires UltimateEars!

    I admit that I am a little worried by this news. I do believe that great products like Triple Fi Pro and UE 11 are created by people who have a love and passion for their field. And typically, such people tend to flourish in smaller, more focussed companies. Larger organisations tend to lose...
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    Triple-fi for rock, but for a laptop annd a movie...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro But ironically, I think I would prefer Triple Fi's for movie and gaming. Triple Fi's are more airy and euphoric. Very good and reproducing many layers of sound. X2 on Triples for movie listening. I sometimes struggle to pick up English accents in...
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    The D2 touch controls

    I am against touch screens on principle, in any portable device. I'm clumsy and I have a tendency to drop expensive gadgets. I bought a padded case, but then the screen is not accessible and I can't control the player. It's a bit of a nuisance. I end up carrying it in my pocket and worrying...
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    IEM search...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Crackerman I tried the flip-mod but found it made them sound weird, too much bass and odd soundstage. Thats all about preference though I think. They're perfectly comfortable for me, and when I'm listening to them I totally forget about any worries about...
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    Worth Trying Something New: Cowon D2 or Iaudio 7?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elluzion thanks for the info guys. yeah i can get the d2 16gb for $220 shipped. or something like that. which is pretty good i still don't know if i should truly sell my ipod though... Keep both if you can...I like the fact that the triple's sound...
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    I cannot make a solid choice.... MY BRAINS HURTS

    Rei yano, enjoy the Clip, I just bought it for a friend and I was blown away by how good the sound was. I know a guy who sells hi-end speakers for a living, and even he was impressed by the SQ If you use FLAC, then do consider the D2 also - I believe it sounds great to me and if you're...