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    La Figaro 339

     Do you still have your la figaro for sale?
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    LCD-2 rev. 1 with leather head band

    really enjoy time by time
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    LCD-2 rev. 1 with leather head band

    item received , sorry for late feedback.
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    3-Channel Beta 22 with backplane - 2nd PRICE REDUCTION

    Sorry would you consider shipping this to U.K?
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    For Sale: Leben CS300XS

    Will you consider shipping this lovely amp to united kingdom?
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    Q Cable Impressions Thread

    Does anybody know that Q cable make sennheiser hd800 headphone cable? 
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    Rcr: can i know where did you get your pair of hd800 for euro695 from?
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    Really enjoying my headphone day by day.
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    LCD-2 rev. 1 with leather head band

    Hi there I'm still waiting for a tracking number and reply since I paid for this Audeze LCD-2 in full by google checkout. Thank you
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    New Marantz SA-8004

    Hi there, Just read your notes that you post long before about how great was the marrantz SA8004. I'm kind of thinking to get a marrantz SA8004 to act as a DAC(playing music from my pc) and as well sacd/cd and connect it with either woo audio WA22 or Darkvoice 337(still choosing). Would you...
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    DAC to pair with Darkvoice 3322

    Hi tony, I just realise that you are living in Hull, uk. I always looking for someone near me that share the same interest in headphone. I am a beginner in headphones, and looking to buy either the sennheiser HD800 or Audeze LCD-2 and for the headphone amp I'm thinking of getting Darkvoice 337...
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