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    Best IEM tips?

    Wow,. literally double the price of most tips out there. Is this the new pricing for them? I remember that they were easy to find, and about $15-20 for 4 pairs
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    For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

    Nope, it was untested and I took a chance... It's running fine now, after it was popping, I recleaned the pins, and tested it with cheap throwaway headphones - still a bit worried. I've had many 6080s pass through my hands, and I've never seen the flashing flake like that
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    For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

    I just bought this tung sol 6080 and the getter is flaky? Also popped a few times on start up, but I cleaned the pins and it seems to be okay now, but is it signs of a failing tube? First pop scared the life out of me - I thought I damaged my HD600s
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    ZMF November 2020

    Ahh, that's leopard wood Zach mentions there maybe some wood tear out from the machining on the site - what property of wood causes it to be more prone to tear out during machining?
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    ZMF November 2020

    Thanks Zach for taking the time out to answer questions - most makers would have said "it's b stock, you get what you get" Wish I had the money to get something this time around What's this wood btw?
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    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    My dad built an 8 6c33c per channel otl amp, my mom was not happy about the power bill that month
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    Campfire Audio Dorado 2020 & Vega 2020

    Are the Atlas discontinued?
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    The Stax Thread III

    EDIT: someone beat me to it
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    Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

    You can order the firmware upgrade from them (send email) - $30+- and shipping, they send you an 8 pin DIP, you open it and swap it
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    The Entry Level Stax Thread

    The T1/006 and the new 700t are basically the same with slight modernization - consensus is to go aftermarket or do a constant current source mod to replace the loading resistors to get more power
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    Speaker amps for headphones

    What's a good wire to use to make this adapter?
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    Grado Fan Club!

    The euforia is a 6080 otl - the output impedance is going to be high
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    The Stax Thread III

    Does such a board exist in any form for the T1 series?
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    Speaker amps for headphones

    Did you have to remove the jacket to get both channels into the XLR?
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    The Stax Thread III and a 252 and a small DAC is still smaller than some older portable rigs