Taught philosphy at the university level for 18 years or so, now I sell high end hi-fi gear.

Used to play drums, but they're not apartment-friendly, went to grad school, and listened to better and better drummers as my playing got rustier and rustier- gave up!

I love coffee, and am a home roaster,

Friendly introvert, but enjoy the camaraderie of the head-fi crowd.
Illinois USA
Coffee, music, av-gear, audiophile AND music lover.
Headphone Inventory
Empyrian, Auteur, Utopia, JVC DX1000, Grado PS2000e
Headphone Amp Inventory
Portaphile 627 Pico Power, iFi octa-adopter micro idsd, Luxman P750u at home
Source Inventory
PAW 6000, SP2000cu, Z1R (for sale) , Hifiman 901 (for sale), Broken Calyx M w/ x-batt (for sale)
Cable Inventory
Triton Audio Cardas-based iem cables, Wireworld, Nordost and Cardas headphone cables, various others....
Power-Related Components
Shunyata Everest and DPC-6 power conditioners and power cords, in main system, Niagara 5000 in headphone system
Other Audio Equipment
too much, need to thin the herd.
Audio-Related Tweaks
too many to mention-- I work in the candy store, and I am inquisitive and open-minded!
Music Preferences
jazz, both electric and acoustic (more acoustic lately) and rock. numetal --cut my teeth on prog and fusion, and seem to still be there!
home coffee roaster (Kaldi wide with chaff collector/bean cooler unit), and my new Ratio 8 coffee maker -- worth every penny!!!! Recently took the plunge on mechanical keyboards and ergo mice (Ducky Shine 7 and Logitech vertical mouse...
amateur leasure-ist


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Groucho Marx: "outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read" one of the MGM founders: "Verbal contracts aren't worth the paper they're printed on"