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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Is anyone able to compare the FoKus pro to Hifiman’s TWS800?
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    Comment by 'fusionramjet' in item 'TRN TA1'

    thanks for the review! it looks like they got inspiration from the IER-Z1R for the housing
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    [FiiO UTWS3] True Wireless Bluetooth Module/MMCX/0.78 2pin/QCC3020/TPA6140A2/ Bluetooth 5.0

    thanks for everyone's replies! to hockeyhippopotamus: makes total sense. somehow, I forgot this step. hitting play.
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    [FiiO UTWS3] True Wireless Bluetooth Module/MMCX/0.78 2pin/QCC3020/TPA6140A2/ Bluetooth 5.0

    I just ordered the UTWS3 and waiting for it to arrive. I'm also concerned that it automatically goes to full volume. For clarification, when it connects, does it make the phone go to full volume? Is it possible to set the volume level on the UTWS3 so the actual volume upon connecting never...
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    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    Anybody compare these to the IER-Z1R? Awesome soundstage and bass (and the beautiful metal build)... :)
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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    I’m also very curious about it (mostly, the sound quality)!
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    Best sounding True wireless IEM?

    with at least IPX4 rating? I’m looking for something for working out. I was thinking about getting iBasso’s CF01, but the IEM wouldn’t be water resistant. Has anyone listened to the AKG N400 and/or Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro? Any other recommendations? Btw, I love deep, clean bass. Thanks!
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    Mid priced IEM cables thread.

    I’m wondering the same thing. Also DUNU’s Hulk and Blanche. I’m looking for either a swappable plug cable or a nice cable with a 2.5mm plug plus a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter. on that note, besides the Totem’s adapters, which aren’t sold separately, any recommendations for good adapters? Thanks!
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    DUNU Q-Lock PLUS Quick-Switch Modular Plug Cables - Discussion Thread

    Thank you, everyone! Very helpful. I figured I’d wear gloves for more traction and was wondering about using some kind of pliers but didn’t want to damage the connector 😅. Also, the Z1R is slippery and the shape is hard for me to get a good grip on it.
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    i also have the SpinFit double flange and they create an awesome seal for me, but are quite comfortable because of how deep they go.
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    nice. how did you get those custom molded eartips?
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    IMR RAH - Discussion / Impressions Thread

    I just noticed that Bob has PB Two available for pre order
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    IEM Recommendations - Sub Bass/Bass - EDM + Hip Hop - Any Budget

    Lots of good choices, wish I could audition them. From reviews, it seems like Sony IER Z1R might be worth considering. EE has the Odin but bass is apparently less enhanced than Legend X. MMR Thummim maybe?
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    The PENON official thread

    It’s amazing how many good in ears and headphones there are these days that cost way less than the stuff I used to buy.
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    Cardas Ear Speakers delayed but worth the wait!

    Sure! I won't have time to do a good comparison until this weekend, but I'll post my findings then.