Head Gear Reviews by FullBright1
  1. Grado GW100

    4.00 star(s)
    * 12/28 - update. : After extended listening i can say that as burn-in has been occurring, the headphones, tonally, have improved. The soundstage has also widened a bit, and their initially overall too crisp sound has lost some edge and seems to be settling down. Upper midrange bump is still in place, but not annoyingly so. They offer better sound then their cost should allow. On Ear clamping pressure is never invisible. --------------------------------------------------------------- Over the years, ive owned 4 sets of Grado's. Never been a fan...
  2. HiFiMan Edition X V2 Over-ear Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    I was in no hurry to review this gear, as there are so many reviews, extant. I think there are about 16 pages of "for sale" of this gear on this Forum, so, apparently everyone has owned it, at least once.....:) And why not. So, no need to talk about its sound, as the reason for this little write up. Instead let me just offer my opinion regarding.......why should you buy this one, and not the Ananda. And there are a few reasons for this, but first let me address my thoughts on why this gear has been discontinued. I think the reason is.....its too...
  3. OPPO PM-2

    4.50 star(s)
    After spending some time with my new Oppo PM-2s today, and yes i know im late to the party as these have been around for a while and are no longer in production...... Yet, ive wanted to own them and just have not pulled the purchase trigger until recently... (nothing tried, nothing gained) (don't wait for life to find you, instead, take your talent and your dreams and your time and build the life you want.). So, after spending some time with them, i thought to post a few photos, and write a few comments regarding what they offer the ears and also...
  4. Mackie MC-250

    4.00 star(s)
    We are living in the golden age of quality headphones. Im almost concluded that any set of headphones built post 2016, with the exception of the worst sort of imported Chinese junk, are going to be ither good, really good, or fantastic. Of course, the reservation that accompanies this revelation is the fact that not all good sounding headphones will sound as we all need to make us happy, no matter what you spend, hoping for the best. Having said that, let us engage together a quick review of the recently released Mackie MC-250. Currently im...
  5. Monoprice Modern Retro Over Ear Headphones (#16150)

    4.00 star(s)
    As im waiting for my Klipsch Heritage HP-3 to arrive in a day or 2, i had the Monoprice "M" Retro C's arrive today. Ive been listening to them and thought i'd give you a quick idea of how i hear them, so that perhaps you would be helped to make a purchase decision if you are thinking about them......or have been.. (or should be). So, lets jump in.... Box is generic B/W, and houses the gear. Nothing special, nothing sacred, just a supportive package entitled "Box".. Headphone Comfort .... 7.9.. better then average... Headphones are light, pads...
  6. Audioquest NightHawk Carbon

    4.00 star(s)
    AudioQuest Carbon Nighthawks. What Best describes their sound : Like holding satin sheets against your body. As if headphone sound could be rich dark chocolate but better.. Have you ever felt a cool relaxing breeze on a mild Spring afternoon ? The wind, the air, the breeze, as you feel it float past you and wrap around you and meld into you, its an ahhhhhhhhh..... Well, that is how the Nighthawk's sound. Its what they deliver. Its what they are designed to do. They are designed to rescue your ears from faux treble response, and wrap them...
  7. Focal Elegia

    4.00 star(s)
    Ok, i have to send these back.. The bass response went from less then zero, to grainy noise the more i played them. Can't determine if its QC or some shipping issue, but nevertheless, i deleted my mini-review as its possible these were a malfunctioning set. fb1 - - = =
  8. HiFiMAN HE-400

    3.00 star(s)
    Recently i received a new set of HE-400s and took them for a spin. I never made it past the first lap, so its time for the review. I found their sound to be a combination of overly flat mids and spiky distant trebles awash in a sea of syrupy bloated bass response with a touch of darkness throne in to hide any hint of presence or clarity. I use a Woo Audio Fireflies and a ResonEssence Concero HP and a Maxxed out version of the discontinued Headroom Max as my sources, so, im not under-powering the HE-400s. If you prefer overly flat mids and thick...
  9. AKG K712 Pro

    3.00 star(s)
    The AKG 712 Pro engineers decided to  create a  newly designed headphone rebut to all the critics of the AKG sound which they say tends towards  treble extension at the expense of the rest of the sound. The problem is, the engineers forgot to put the treble back into the new design after they warmed up the overall tone with more low mids and bass extension.. The AKG 712 Pro box says......'"Now with 3db more bass", and after listening to these for a few days, ive concluded that perhaps 2 db would have been the answer, as these headphone are just too...