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    Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

    I have been using the PM-3 for a days and it seems to have a wider and flatter response than my old voice-coil phones so that more detail in the music is evident.  They initially seem to snug but they are comfortable over many hours. Maximum PC called them a winner in Battle of the Cans.
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    What do you think headphones will be like in 40 years?

    >>Just for fun. Lets hear some ideas as to how headphones will be in the year 2052?   The objectivist and subjectivist camps will merge and find consensus for judging phones.  Phones will monitor your brainwaves and adjust the sound until you fell orgasmic.  
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    You will get sick of head-fi

    Quote: Electrons  escaping from hot metal, running the gauntlet of impeding wire, only to crash into another hot metal surface....
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    You will get sick of head-fi

    Quote: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols
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    HA-INFO (TPA6120) Headphone Amp

    Quote: Well, there is only one SMD opamp connected between the volume control and the phone jack so there is nothing swappable and nothing to combine.  Perhaps I misunderstand the question.   The TPA6120 is designed for performance and high fidelity. However, it is very sensitive to...
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    HA-INFO (TPA6120) Headphone Amp

    This is an economy amp purchased for it's case, not it's contents, thinking it would save casework on the next DIY. However, I find that it is good quality amp worth a look for anyone who wants satisfactory performance on a tight budget.  Found on Ebay = $34.50 + $8.50 air mailed from Hong Kong...
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    Ruffletron: Body-Fi for girls

    A young lady and a man-friend have created Ruffletron, a prototype of a wearable musical interface and an experiment in performative interaction.  Touching the ruffles produces sounds. This is a girly project for now, but I bet it will inspire others to create other kinds of musical clothing...
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    What TV series do you watch?

    I watch NCIS (the Mark Harmon version) and the comedy channel.  I have a DIY computer to record NCIS at 2:00am, John Stewart at 4:00am, and Steven Colbert at 4:30. So I always have a set of shows to watch at my convenience.  
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    Transform usb thumbdrive to MP3 player?

    Quote: No.  A USB FLASH drive contains a file system to be read by a computer. The best thing to play music from FLASH files is a portable music player, not a computer.
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    Line out dock vs. headphone out

    Quote: Consider the Sansa Fuze or Clip, for example. There is one battery with a bridge circuit or virtual ground which eliminates a big blocking capacitor to the phone jack. However, most of the circuitry runs on 3v such that the LOD lines rest at +1.2v (so blocking caps might be needed...
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    O2 vs TOTL

    Quote: Well then, if I may extrapolate a bit, one can spend a certain amount of money for "good" hi-fi, and then spend 10 times more, for a possibly tiny improvement.
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    O2 vs TOTL

    Did anyone notice, the NJM chips in the O2, are not said to be for Audio? The TI/National Audio buffers like BUF634 cost around $12,  the NJM4556 cost 63 cents. So anyone who cannot discern a significant difference in the listening experience is getting a bargain.   I can recognize the...
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    Need some Help Topic: portable DAC power supply

    Quote: Consider a portable such as the Sansa Fuze.  Each of the line outputs have +1.2vdc thus requiring blocking caps for the external headphone amp.  This implies that most of the circuitry runs from the battery, not a differential supply.  I think only the phone driver chips have charge...
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    Audio-Technica M50's overrated?

    Quote: The M50's have a reputation for quality and are the best phones I have in my tiny collection.   There are many trivial threads started here by people wanting help to select from the enormous selection of available phones.  I don't why they just don't read the headphone...
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    Anyone have any experience with the LM384N chip? Worth toying with?

    Quote: Google "headbanger amplifier".  It is an easy to build portable amp and the designer has added a few passive components to reduce distortion.  It's good to build for practice before tackling a good quality DIY amp.