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    Comparing the Grado RA-1, Headroom Little, Rega Ear, etc...

    I'm using the HD600 with the Little More Power Premium and it is definitely not too bright. In fact, when you use the crossfeed, you also need to use the other switch/filter (not sure what you call it) to kick up the brightness. When I added the clou red, it increased the bass and made the...
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    The Cardas smurf cable sounds GOOD!

    Lurking here a while back, I noticed everyone saying how great the Clou Red cable was. Someone please compare and contrast the Clou Red and the new Cardas cable.
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    (on power cables): Of course, reporting no differences doesn't mean that there are no differences, this is obvious. But being able to report differences even under blind controlled conditions is indeed proof of real differences perceived, that's why blind tests are required by the scientific...
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