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    The Astell & Kern AK120

    Hi guys! There is a decent price for AK120 as well in one of the most famous online store  located in Moscow, Russia. It's only $720 including official warranty from iRiver. It's a price for a AK120 only (a cradle not included in the package). If you are in the area it's still worth to check...
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    Centrance Mini-M8

    Hi Michael! Shall we expect a completely "black" background with a high-sensitive IEM's (smth like Shure SE535 etc.) in this model?
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    REVIEW: HiFi ET MA9 - a new reference level DAP

    Quote: I absolutely agree with that! 
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    New high-end headphone amps: Vorzuge VorzAMPpure and VorzAMPduo impressions and review thread

    They are two very different style of amps though. Could you please specify the difference in sound signature, please?
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