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Headphone Inventory
Audeze LCD-3 Non-Fazor
Audeze LCD-X
Beyerdynamic Amiron Home
Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac
Philips Fidelio X2 Woox Edition
Hifiman Edition S
Hifiman HE-500
Sennheiser HD-650 ALO Jena cabled
Beyer DT660
Grado SR225i (sold)
Denon D2000 (sold)
Beyer DT770 PRO 80 Ohm (sold)
Creative Aurvana live (sold)
Koss PortaPro (sold)

Earsonics S-EM6 V2
Tralucent 1 plus 2
Tralucent Ref 1
Aurisonics Harmony
Fitear Togo 334
Oriolus MK2
Shozy Zero
Rhapsodio Solar
JH Rosie
64 Audio Adel U12
Noble K10 UA
Sony XBA-Z5
Sony XBA-A3
JVC FX1100
UM Miracle
Sony XBA-4
Westone UM3X RC
Sony MDR-EX1000 (sold)
Senny IE8 (sold)
Earsonics SM3 v2 and v1's (sold)
Westone 4 (sold)
Victor-JVC HA-FX700 (sold)
Radius HP-TWF21 (sold)
Fischer Audio DBA-02 (sold)
Audio-technica ATH-CKS90 (sold)
Klipsch custom 3 (sold)
Koss KSC75 (sold)
JVC HA-FX66 (sold)
Vibe ii (sold)
JBL reference 220 (sold)
Sennheiser IE4 (sold)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Cembalo Lab Spring 1
Cavalli Liquid Carbon
Portaphile Micro
Sedef III vacuum tubed amp
Darkvoice 332 (sold)
Meier audio stepdance (sold)
Audiotrak ImAmp (sold)
Minibox-f (sold)
CMoy LM6171 (sold)
Source Inventory
Hifiman HM901 with balanced card
Lotoo Paw Gold
Shanling M5
Ibasso DX80
Hifi et ma8
Dragonfly Red
Hifiman HM603S
Xduoo X3
Xduoo X10
Audio-gd NFB-10.2 DAC/AMP
Hifiman HM-801 with balanced amp card
Fuze 8gb. Rockboxed
Ipod video 5.5G 80gb.
Teclast X30
Sony A865 (sold)
Hifiman HM-602 (sold)
Iphone 4 32gb. (sold)
Ipod classic 7th Gen 120gb. (sold)
Ipod touch 3rd Gen 32gb. (sold)
Sony X1050 16gb. (sold)
Teclast T51 8gb. (sold)
Clip+ 8gb. (sold)
Cable Inventory
Audioquest Cheetah interconnect
TTAF Gold line interconnect
AudioMinor interconnect
Audioquest CV-8 speaker cables
Custom made ipod LOD
TTAF Gold line Power cable
Other Audio Equipment
Clearaudio Emotion turntable
Pro-ject Phono Box II SE phono pre-amp
Bluenote S3 amplifier
PrimaLuna Prologue II amplifier (sold)
AH! NJoe Reference Tjoeb 4000 CD player
Triangle Stratos Naia loudspeakers
Yulong D18 DAC
Macbook Air
Technics cassette deck

Logitech Z-5500 Home entertainment system
Music Preferences
80's, rock, metal, Turkish pop..
Toshiba 55SV685
Working on a serious job:)


Audio-gd NFB-10.2 - Hifiman HE500 - Senn HD-650 ALO Jena cabled - Beyer DT660
Hifiman HM-801 - UM Miracle