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    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    After 2.5 years of daily abuse, my GR07 is now starting to intermittently cut off.   ....and by "daily abuse", I'm talking about getting plugged on and off my iPhone around 10-12 times per day during the work days. If I'm not using it, it's just balled up in my jacket pocket.     Unless...
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    Best cheap bass amp for ATH-M50

    Then just get the skullbrokens. Just remember to keep the receipt with you, as you may have to use the lifetime warranty. Quote:   In case you're still looking for a cheap amp, here's a nice article from headfonia...
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    What Format Should My Music Files be In??

    IMO -   ALAC is very convenient for someone that needs to use iTunes for apple devices. If it matters, it doesn't use as much space as WAV, and I personally couldn't hear a difference between the two formats with my own gear and ears.   I have music that are 256kbps AAC (bought from...
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    Mouse -Fi

    Stumbled upon a Logitech M705 at WalMart last weekend, and bought one to give it a try. I'm so pleased with it that I ordered another from Amazon to use at the office   I didn't realize there's quite a lot of reviews on YouTube. I might browse through those when I have the time, and upgrade...
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    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR07 – Labor of Love

    Very happy with my GR07 straight on to my iPhone4, except when playing dubstep in a noisy environment where the bass impact and rumble needs a little boost (either through EQu or the E11 that I just got).   With the E11, my first impression was that the sounds seemed to be even more...
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    What's On Your Mind?

    Mass banelings.   (Starcraft 2)
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    Were the ATH-M50s a good choice?

    Regarding the clamping, can you put a couple of books together that is just slightly wider than your head and have the M50 "clamp" on it when you're not using it?   It took my M50 a month or so before I could finally wear it without the clamping hurting the area around my ears. Now I can...
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    Who is "Your Band"

    Interesting take, Flounderman.   The shrill screaming on Crawling is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Heck, it kinda reminds me Chevelle for some odd reason. It's the lyrical poetry of the song, though, that is definitely worthwhile. For some, they interpret it as a phase of drugs and...
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    What unlikely places have you seen mid - high end headphones in use???

    Quote: Agreed. Heck, sometimes just taking out your camera-phone isn't an instinctive thing to do.   Like last weekend at the Las Vegas strip when two BMW test mules drove in front of my face. I spent soo much time staring and wondering if they are the upcoming M5 and M6 convertible. By...
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    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    Funny, I just tried both, earlier!   iPhone upside down would work while wearing jeans, where it can't wriggle itself to go "sideways". However, I notice that the wire eventually slides from the side of the iPhone to the middle of the back/front, which eventually results in still stressing...
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    How many miles or kilometers have you driven? (Lifetime total)

    Despite being attracted to cars since my toddler years, I've only been driving for 6 years. On my own cars I have around 69,000 miles.   '93 Civic (auto) - around 5,000 miles '07 Civic Si (manual) - around 23,000 '08 Subaru STi (manual) - around 26,000 '01 Audi A4 (manual) - around...
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    VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

    Finally got my GR07's today, and have had 2.5 hours of listening.   Tried all the included eartips, and eventually just settled with the "default" ones. It's still not as comfortable as my Klipsch S5i's with the well-worn-in tips, but hopefully it gets better.   I love that the nozzle(?)...
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    What's all this buzz with the M50's?

    The article below, along with |joker|'s review, are the 2 main reasons I bought the M50 as my first "quality" can.     I do agree that the M50's get recommended a...
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    Broken sub research : Does this song vibrate your ATH M50s?

    Wo wo wo we we wo wo we dark n creepy wo wo wo we we wo wo Sounds ok on my m50, no buzzing or anything resembling a broken sub