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    Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

    Curious if folks think the HD800S would be a good experience for a guy who is currently enjoying an HE-560. More of the same? Complementary? So good I should just sell the 560?
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    Grados for a Hifiman Owner

    I used to own SR80's and loved them. Had Magnum V4's for a while. Sold them for money issues. Got a pair of HE 560's used and they are fabulous. Have the itch to own Grado again.   The GS1000's are what I think I want, although I've seen on this site that perhaps I better re-think it because...
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    Looking for the next High end purchase

    I'll take another look at the 560's then. Would you put the HD800 more into the "classical" master category?   I love me some Salk. I'd never even consider another speaker, given the quality of the product, and the price he asks for them. Jim's about the greatest guy to deal with too. I've had...
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    Martin Customs Thread

    If you were asking me, yes I have received them. I let them burn in 4 whole days before I listened for any length of time. These are great drivers, Magnums are better than my SR80's by far. Very clear, nice mid/high range detail, and great down low.
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    Grado modders go Magnum

    My pair sound awesome.   They have only burned in about 20 hours, but I really like the improvement in bass over stock grado drivers. Worth every penny so far, and they are only going to get better.
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    Gotham Headphone recable

    I'm having a pair of Magnum V4's built into some custom phones, which will include 3.5mm mini jacks on the cups so I swap out cables with ease.   I've never built any cables, but I'm pretty decent with solder and would like to learn. I want to try and build a Y cable for my phones, using...
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    Number of conductors

    Just curious what increasing the conductor count does. I'm having Marty from Martin Custom Audio do a 4 conductor OCC recable, and he also offers 6 and 8 conductor as an option. Is it just a visual thing?