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    The New HD 560S: Linear Acoustics at a Breakthrough Value

    Thank you for the response. I'm talking about the cable input on the headphone itself. I can't see how a 2.5mm is more used by the Head-fi audience than a standard 3.5mm input? By using a 3.5mm input (preferentially without the locking mechanism), we could use a plethora of cables and easily...
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    The New HD 560S: Linear Acoustics at a Breakthrough Value

    The 560S is a really good headphone for gaming. Too bad I had to crack my unit open and remove the lock inside, so I could use a regular 3.5mm mic cable. Why not use a standard 3.5mm universal input jack from the start?
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Guys, what would be a recommended EQ setting to make the ER2SE mimic ER2XR's frequency response? Someone suggested +6db low shelf @125hz Q7.0, but I'm not sure it's right. Thanks
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    Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 Discussion Thread

    I got the Yaxi MSR7 Comfort pads, and they are indeed very comfortable and sound good. I'm just not 100% satisfied with the upper bass of this headphones. They sound kind of "cuppy". But I'm not afraid of a little EQ, so everything is good
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    To crossfeed or not to crossfeed? That is the question...

    Very intriguing. Have you ever thought about researching this in the university?
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    Audeze Mobius review / impressions

    Thank you so much. This fixed the upper bass hump that bothered me so much!
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    AKG K361/K371

    Guys, do they sell spare pads for the k371? I can’t find it. If not, it’s not a durable headphone. The pleather will eventually wear out, and i don’t want to use brainwave pads that change the sound.
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    AKG K361/K371

    Yes, I watched all of them when they were released. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it, I guess. The store I bought from won't accept it as malfunctional (my free return period has expired), and I don't believe Harman would pay shipment from Brazil and then send one back because of this...
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    AKG K361/K371

    This is what I had to do to keep the hinge still. Now I can finally hold my phone without worrying about it messing up the adjustment. I can't believe someone designed such a bad hinge design for a headphone made to be used in studios. Now to think about something prettier.
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    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Guys, my DF black 1.5 is too loud for my current phones. is it ok to use it at very low volumes (5-15 range on windows 10)? Is there any issues like raised noise floor, channel imbalance or anything else that I should worry about by using a volume that low? I heard that the Black employs an...
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    Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

    Thank you for your insights. I understand what you mean! I'm aware that there will never be perfection, and that every pair of ears will hear things differently. What I'm seeking is a bit of a consensus on what are the best practices regarding EQ when using OOYH, more about achieving the...
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    Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

    Adding a bit to this: Regarding EQ (target curve), there is apparently no consensus here. This is what I gathered so far by reading most of this thread: - edwardsean and phoenixdogfan recommend the Sonarworks Reference 3 curve - Zenvota suggests that we do some "inverting EQ" to compensate...
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    Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

    I see! But my dac still sees 44.1khz when playing music through OOYH
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    Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

    Another question: is it really necessary to output 48.000 hz sample rate to OOYH (as recommended on earlier posts)? I use Spotify and it doesn’t have the option. Sounds normal, btw
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    Question: can dragonfly red connect to amplifiers

    I would love to read some clarification on what would differ between, say, 1 ohm output impedance (headphone amp) vs 400 ohm output impedance (common line outs) when driving a separate amp. I can't find anything by googling (maybe I suck at googling). I know both sound fine, but I'm still...