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    Senn HD25 II - a good choice?

    they've been my trusty companions for over 2 years now
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    Best Closed Unamped Can for $250 or less

    You can pry my HD 25-1's from my cold, dead hands.
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    Lightweight over-the-head(phones) for running

    I don't think a PX-100 would be tight enough. I'm seriously considering buying a PMX-100 for this purpose though
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    Meier Corda Move details released

    Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN My amp already has that power socket on the back since I made my own casing. I never got round to actually changing the place of the USB from the front to the back, but I wanted to for a while. Arg. I am not going to buy the Move. It sure does look...
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    Sennheiser advice: upgrade PX100!

    although the sennheiser HD 202's are decent for their price, they are nowhere near as good as your px-100's! if you're looking at closed headphones with a sound quality comparable or better than your px-100's, then the AKG K81 DJ's are really a bargain that you should consider. i have similar...
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    Louder = better...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Heyyoudvd God, I hate bassheads. Not only are they annoying, but these people have actually managed to ruined rock concerts. Because of the widespread obsession with eardrum-tearing bass, concert venues always have to crank up the low end so that you feel...
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    i saw a DJ sporting the HD 25-1's at a club last friday
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    Looking for a "good quality

    If you primarily watch movies and play games, i'd recommend the 555's over the 595's. For music the 595's are more enjoyable. The 580's paired with a cheap amp might be right for you as well.
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    Looking for an improvement over PX100s

    I used to own the predecessor to the EH 350's, the HD 497's, and I think I can safely say that it won't be a big upgrade. Unless the 350's have improved a lot upon the 497's, the sound will just be somewhat more balanced, with more emphasis on the highs than the PX100's. However, this could also...
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    Need recommendation for ipod nano phones

    a very popular 'fullsize' portable headphone here is the AKG K81, you might want to stretch your budget just a little bit to get those headphones. they offer pretty much everything you'd want from a portable headphone for a very reasonable price
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    Buying headphones from eBay...

    perfect feedback, no worries
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    HD 25-1 Success Story.

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd Cheers Lisa you're a darling, I'll give that a go right now, great idea of yours MAN these things are seriously "meaty" paired with the ipod, goes loud enough to rattle your brain!............. nice yeah they're efficient enough to...
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    HD 25-1 Success Story.

    the 25-1 and 25-13 cables are asymmetric, but you can wrap right end of the symmetric 25-sp cable around the square piece of plastic that secures the cable to the right driver. that way, you can use the 25-sp cable without the dreaded Y you could always buy the 25-13 cable and reterminate it...
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    Any success in converting?

    converterd my sister (bought my 555's), 2 friends (one bought my 497's, the other went cheap and got 202's) and my girlfriend, who thought the px100's were 'cute' and correctly identified my 25-1's as 'headphones made for Arch Enemy' that's a lot of sennheisers
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    The secret of Synergy?

    i most often see people refer to synergy as achieved with option B, but taking the B route doesn't necessarily guarantee synergy