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    [SOLD] Double Helix Prion4 ( Utopia ) + LEMO ->mini XLR adapters ( [EU]

    For sale the infamously pricey DHC Prion4 with adapters. Sadly DPD broke my Yggdrasil2 and now I need funds to fix it ( well ... mostly to pay for the shipping to the US and back ). The set includes 1. The cable itself - 6ft long, terminated with 4 pin Eidolic XLR and LEMO ( Utopia and new...
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    [SOLD] Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 USB gen5 230V [EU ONLY]

    For sale the famous yggy2 with (afaik) the latest specs: USB gen 5, Analog 2, 230V EU version, Silver. I haven't found any deep scratches or scuffs. Never had any technical issues. RCA/XLR, toslink, usb and aes/ebu tested, can't really check the other two. No original box or document of...
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    SOLD Sendy Aiva [EU]

    Oh, sorry, forgot to close - SOLD
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    SOLD Sendy Aiva [EU]

    These are pretty much new - bought a month ago from aliexpress ( Sendy Audio Original Store ). Comes with all of the standard equipment: 4,4 cable, 4,4 to 3,5 adapter, box, carrying bag and the headphones themselves. Perfect condition, absolutely no issues. I've used them for roughly 100 hours...
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    FS: Audio-GD HE-9 (2018 - EU)

    bump and price drop
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    HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    I haven't tried swapping out the connectors in HE-6, but I have done it ( well ... Matt from ForzaAudioWorks did it ) in HE-500. 2,5mm fits, 3,5mm doesn't - at least without significant changes to the cups.
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    Mjolnir Audio KGSS (EU)

    bump and price drop
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    Denon D7000 Lawton Level 2 + Forza Noir + Pads!

    For sale my D7000 with Lawton mods Level 2 - which means Lawton cups, tune-up kit and lawton pads. Instead of lawton cable they've been recabled with Forza Noir 1,5m 6,3mm. The headphones themselves have some scratches and marks around the headband/yoke area, but the cups (both lawton and...
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    Hifiman HE-6SE and HE-1000SE announcement-

    Ekhm, let's not kid ourselves, stock HD800 aren't at the level of the other cans You've mentioned, unless we're looking only at the soundstage for some reason. That 6khz is a nasty thing. Then again, You don't seem to like to have Your gear in stock condition :o2smile: By the way, the photos of...