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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

      Not really. Got the SOUL300GG on super clearance at radioshack when the Vmoda M80s were also on sale. M80s>>>>>>>the souls. Souls sound okay but the M80s (~110 on ebay) has far more detail in every frequency, has a better presentation, and appears to have much better build quality as well. 
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    ~$400 iem (pfe112 upgrade)

    W4's treble is a bit laid back to me and has its focus on upper mids, which sound really good. Um3X has even less treble than the W4/is mid focused from what I've read, with really good instrument separation.    I personally like the Sony EX 1000, which has a upper mid/treble emphasis. In...
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

      You can get these shipped to a store near you? Did you just call a store, pay them, and then get them shipped to a local store? 
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    Looking for best IEM for my cowon player

    Vsonic GR06. Its better than the S4 by a good amount. Don't get an Ety if you liked the S4, they don't have much bass (though the Ety Kids might?). Seriously, out of the 10 or so IEMs I've owned, the S4 had the most bass and the Ety HF5s had the least.
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    New in-ear earbuds under 100$ sorry I didn't give you the link. I've heard the Hippo VB is good if you like a lot of bass (and I find that the S4 has a lot of bass, so it should probably be good for you.
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    Universal IEM Dilemma

    Did you try the flip mod/sony hybrids? You could always go for the EX1000, which I found an upgrade to the TF10, but not as exciting and not as bassy.    I probably prefer my TF10 over W4 as well, due to sound sig. 
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    Best in-ears for under $150?

    I didnt recall the PFE becoming cloudy with metal and such, but I could be wrong. It could be a matter of comparison, the PFE is not as detailed as my ~400$ Sony EX 1000 for example. 
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    Best in-ears for under $150?

    PFE 112/122 is pretty decent and seems to fit your description of tight bass and more emphasis on mids/treble. The bass doesn't have too much decay though FYI
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    looking for a good IEM under 200$ that fits my needs

    Quote:   I've had the TF10 for over 2 years and the build quality is very good IMO. The cables on the other hand, will break on you after some period of time. This is fixed with a Westone style custom cable (pins need to be filed down to fit TF10) for ~40$. 
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    Need help on chosing some IEM's

    Don't get the S4, its pretty meh vs other sub 100$ IEMs. Maybe the RE400?
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    The Touhou AND Vocaloid music thread!

    Oh cool, didn't know HF had a Touhou/Vocaloid thread! Will check out some of the music here.   Also, Touhou games are way too hard D= 
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    Pictures of YOUR custom iem artwork

    Quote: The Touhou and Vocaloids thread?
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    IEM's Recommendations Needed   The triple fi 10 might be to your liking though. It has a above avg amount of bass and treble. Vocals are recessed a bit though. Very exciting IEM overall
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    Pictures of YOUR custom iem artwork

    Haha nice Touhous. Didnt know there were Touhous on headfi lolss.   Edit: Reimu is too poor for UERMs