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    Recommend me some opera

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnyears Without a doubt the best opera recording released this year is from René Jacobs: Le Nozze di Figaro which is available in stereo or sacd/hybrid. It is absolutely wonderful. Jacobs also has an earlier Mozart recording of Cosi fan Tutti, but alas that...
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    Overated Composers?

    1) None, because classical music is too under-appreciated. True. some works are over-exposed (Ravel's darn Bolero, Pachelbel's Canon, the Four Seasons, the Nutcrackers), but this is somehow compensated by the public's ignorance of some masterpieces by the same composers (Ravel's Valse, anyone?)...
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    Advice Needed! Master and Commander

    Hey Bunnyears, I had meant to paste a link to another CD, not that one, but I am glad that my mistake helped you! So, I was saying, for Boccherini, you can try: p.s. Bunnyears, I don't have "Evenings with the Captain", and I am also a...
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    Advice Needed! Master and Commander

    It seems you like symphonic music from late baroque, early classical. Boccherini, Carl-Philipp Emmanuel Bach and early Haydn (before Paris Symphonies) are good places to start. I will try to recommend CDs I have and like, although you should probably explore a bit on your own too. Of...
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    Some classical recommendations?

    I don't think Baroque would cut it if he doesn't like "uptempo" stuff, except maybe religious music. In religious baroque, try the Matthew's and John's Passions by Bach, and especially the Bminor mass (I like Thomas Hengelbrock's version). If you prefer symphonies/concerti (as you seem to)...
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    PSB alpha's best choice in that price range ?

    (Sorry for the delay in answering) I would say that the PSB alpha are indeed a very fine pair of speakers for the price. I have had my pair for over 5 years now, and they have followed me through my upgrades until ... Friday, when I replace them by ProAC Tablette Reference 8, a pair of...
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    Well, I bit the bullet too. Wanted to buy an SR-225 for the longest time, since I love my SR-60s for rock/metal/punk. Hopefully, the "less shrill" (my words) character of the HF-1 will not mean a loss of details... Any views on whether the HF-1 will benefit greatly from amplification? I am...
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